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Nicest Bonanza web page I've seen today.
Howard G. Page <>
Burlingame, CA USA - Sunday, March 17, 1996 at 09:59:31 (PST)
Owner of N9410Y, N-35 Bonanza
Joe Garner <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Sunday, March 17, 1996 at 11:06:08 (PST)
Good job, Howard! Certainly the best Bonanza page I've seen! My only comment is that many distinguished members of the Bonanza family have straight tails (including my own beloved A36TC), and the site should be inclusive. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help with this great first Bonanza page! --D.
Doug Cayne <>
Portola Valley, CA USA - Monday, March 18, 1996 at 09:27:18 (PST)
G35 N4466D based at 00V, Meadowlake, near COS
Dave Allen <>
Colorado Spgs, CO USA - Monday, March 18, 1996 at 11:41:35 (PST)
Looking for a very nice V-tail in the 90K range
George Nuse <>
Norcross , GA USA - Monday, March 18, 1996 at 13:16:28 (PST)
B33 N7918K based at KTYS, Knoxville Tn, near Volunteer VXV. Your page is already bookmarked and will be visited often. Great job in bring Beech drivers to the net. Look forward to developing good friends with common interest!
Michael J. McKeehan <>
Knoxville, TN USA - Monday, March 18, 1996 at 19:44:09 (PST)
Larry Petro <>
Baltimor, MD USA - Tuesday, March 19, 1996 at 05:25:30 (PST)
Great job! It is a good thing you are doing. F33A N2063C#bofly
Peter Chambliss <>
Manhattan Beach, CA USA - Tuesday, March 19, 1996 at 07:27:20 (PST)
G35 N4462D based Fort Worth Texas. Finally a Bonanza page.
Bob and Kyle <>
Flower Mound, tx USA - Tuesday, March 19, 1996 at 20:02:38 (PST)
I fly my V35b 1300+ a year, all in left turns, all in the city limits. I am a traffic pilot reporter. I love mine,even if it does have over 9000 hours on it. Love the page!!!Mine is pictured in the November 1995 Air Progress. N640AM .As far as I'm concerned you can scan the picture and use it. Altough, of course, I didn't take it. Take Care.
Mike Nolan <>
Corona, ca USA - Tuesday, March 19, 1996 at 20:59:07 (PST)
Great idea. I'm glad someone found a page for the best plane ever made! Mine is a M-35.
Eric Rappaport <>
raleigh, nc USA - Wednesday, March 20, 1996 at 03:31:43 (PST)
V35-TC N1500F Based: ADS Nice Job!!! Hope you keep adding to it. I'll mail interesting stuff to you as I find it
Gene Haas <>
Plano, TX USA - Wednesday, March 20, 1996 at 05:35:32 (PST)
Thanks for taking the initiative to develop a ramp for Bonanza drivers. Ours is a K-35 ser# 5879, based at 0W3 (Harford County Air Park)
Wilbur & Earl <>
Havre de Grace, MD USA - Wednesday, March 20, 1996 at 18:11:16 (PST)
It's about time somebody put together such a nicely done page for the most gorgeous single-engine airplane ever built!
Michael Zenner <>
Santa Cruz, CA USA - Thursday, March 21, 1996 at 17:30:06 (PST)
Gero Kuhlmann <>
Hannover, Germany - Saturday, March 23, 1996 at 03:55:11 (PST)
WOW A Bonanza Web Site ! GREAT I have E-35 N7361B based at HSD in Oklahoma City, OK. GOOD LUCK!!!!
Lee Allen <>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Saturday, March 23, 1996 at 19:06:41 (PST)
Nice page! I hope this will get other a/c owners on the web.
L.Mullar, Pilots,North America <>
brookeville, md USA - Monday, March 25, 1996 at 12:49:44 (PST)
BS.AS. ARGENTINA - Monday, March 25, 1996 at 18:58:50 (PST)
Great page! I'll have to send you photos of my 1954 E35 Bonanza to add to the gallery. N3218C is happily based at SNA (John Wayne Airport, Orange County, CA) Notes: Lenair Aviation [SNA] offers a V-tail for rent. Orange County Flight Center [SNA] offers a Baron (!) for rent.
Ron Davis <>
Newport Beach, CA USA - Wednesday, March 27, 1996 at 07:08:53 (PST)
This is great! I thought we had to start from scratch to set up a Bonanza page. If you need some articles I can help, over 40 years of flying most of it in a Bonanza V35
Herb Carlson <>
Petoskey, MI USA - Wednesday, March 27, 1996 at 18:16:59 (PST)
Congrats on your excellent salute to the cadillac of the skies. My 64 Debonair may be gracing your site in the future. How about showing more straight tails? Keep up the good work.
Chris Jacoby <>
Sebastian, Fl USA - Friday, March 29, 1996 at 17:57:12 (PST)
Owner of N9554Y a B-33, based in Palatka, Fl. One fine plane that commands a lot more respect from the line people than the C-172 did!!
Donald Wood <>
Interlachen, Fl USA - Friday, March 29, 1996 at 18:48:37 (PST)
Nice page. A fitting tribute to a great aircraft series. And I say that even though I am a mooney driver.
Tom Binger <>
Stillwater, MN USA - Friday, March 29, 1996 at 21:04:10 (PST)
looks good joe!
chuck tarski <>
castro valley, ca USA - Wednesday, April 03, 1996 at 17:28:10 (PST)
Gotta love that Bonanza! 1970 V-35B N4419A Phoenix, AZ
George Norris <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Wednesday, April 03, 1996 at 21:11:30 (PST)
I've been looking for a Bonanza Home page. This is Great. I just bought my first airplane. A 1947 Bonanza N3238V Ser.D-682 It's a really nice airplane 9in-9out. I also just joined ABS - ABS#33747 I hope to upload you a picture soon.
Jerry Frank <>
Lynwood, IL USA - Wednesday, April 10, 1996 at 10:18:55 (PDT)
H35 N7911D Glad to have finally found a Bonanza page!
Curt Powell <>
Pollock Pines, CA USA - Sunday, April 14, 1996 at 17:13:07 (PDT)
I've loved flying Bonanza 35 (yes straight 35) D-763 since 1986. She lives next to the house at Alta Sierra Skypark (Q62). Thanks for the great page.
Wayne Reddekopp <>
Grass Valley, CA USA - Monday, April 15, 1996 at 10:46:03 (PDT)
Nice Page for Bonanzas -- I'm another one of those "straight tail" owners. 833R is serial CD-2, which makes it, I believe, the oldest "straight tail" in existence. Built in Sept. of 59, the original logbook shows 30 hrs of pre production flight testing and about a year of touring the country for promotion. It now has about 3,700 hrs and many mods. I'm thinking of doing a complete restoration/rebuild one of these days.
Roger Halstead <>
Midland, Mi USA - Tuesday, April 16, 1996 at 22:33:15 (PDT)
Thanks for making such an excellent effort! N4015A, 1970 F33A Best... Dave
David M. Ovad <>
Blairstown, NJ USA - Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at 15:51:20 (PDT)
Thank you for making this page. I hope to see a lot of news about my favorite Aircraft (exept Bücker Jungmann). You should add the phone #'s of American Bonanza Society and the Beech Factory (316-954-7111) where you can also get images of all Beech-productsŠ (and propably allready as pict. or tiff). Will stop by frequently.
Sven Trautmann <>
Providence, RI USA - Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at 19:48:13 (PDT)
I finally found it! The Bonanza page! I have N8630A, she is a '49 A model.I commute to work regularily in 30A from Grass Valley, Ca. to Travis AFB were I fly C-141s for Uncle Sam.
Juan Browne <>
Grass Valley, Ca USA - Friday, April 19, 1996 at 15:32:53 (PDT)
Just made a deal for a C35 and found this site a hour later. I've been flying Mooneys and I'm looking forward to the V-tail experience. I would appreciate any tips from more experienced V-tailers, just E-mail me. Thanks.
Bob Cuzzort <>
Albany, GA USA - Friday, April 19, 1996 at 19:47:08 (PDT)
Great Web Site! I fly a 59 K-35 - 5386E which is owned by the American Aero Club at Natomas AirPark (Q96) in Sacramento, Ca. Just had a complete new panel and its a great airplane. Good Luck on your Web Site.
John Mazurek <>
Roseville, Ca USA - Saturday, April 20, 1996 at 11:21:03 (PDT)
Great ideas - now, how about a buy/sale section for these airplanes (only)!!
R. Lee Buechler <Compuserve>
Fall City, WA USA - Sunday, April 21, 1996 at 08:20:46 (PDT)
I'm envious!! What a great page. As a Piper and CT4 driver (RAAF basic trainer) I wish we had this type of support Down Under. Keep it up.
MELBOURNE, VIC AUSTRALIA - Monday, April 22, 1996 at 05:04:09 (PDT)
Great news for pilots of great aircraft! A quick note about the "World Beechcraft Society". The official name is the "World Beechcraft Society", although several years ago, it was called the "Western Bonanza Society". I have more info at home - I'll try to remember to bring it in and provide you enough information to provide them a better reference. WBS is a great organization. Thanks again.
Norm Smith <>
Laguna Niguel, CCCacC USA - Monday, April 22, 1996 at 07:35:29 (PDT)
Great site! I'm currently flying a Cardinal - the one Cessna that doesn't fly like a truck and an awful lot of airplane for not much $$$. However, the happiest days of my childhood were spent tooting around 40 years ago in a straight 35 with my father. Someday . . . . . Nice to know this site will be here when I finally make it to airplane heaven.
Bob Spofford <>
Manhattan Beach, CA USA - Monday, April 22, 1996 at 13:11:38 (PDT)
Sorry for the wrong Beech Factory Number!! The rigt one is: (316) 676-7111 You can reach the ABS - American Bonanza Society- at: (316) 946-6913 Fax: (316) 945-6990 So longŠ Sven
Sven Trautmann <>
PVD, RI USA - Friday, April 26, 1996 at 07:55:09 (PDT)
Great idea that has a lot of potential. I'll keep an eye on your progress.
Joe Goedker <>
Mpls, Mn USA - Friday, April 26, 1996 at 12:55:19 (PDT)
owner N297WJ New IO 550 and a love story for over ten years
Donald Holladay <aol->
austin, tx USA - Monday, April 29, 1996 at 16:19:34 (PDT)
Great job on an excellent site for enthusiasts.Look forward to more. If we can be of help,just post- or email, Congratulations again!
Mark Graubart <>
Wheeling, Il USA - Tuesday, April 30, 1996 at 06:32:33 (PDT)
Nice to have a Bonanza (and related models) page. I flew a 1948 straight 35 for 8 years (N403B), then had a 1959 K35 for 8 years (N700T). After wandering with other brands for awhile I'm back into a 1960 B95 Travel Air and enjoy it very much! We found the Bonanzas were great airplanes for camping.
Rick Lentz <>
Seattle, WA USA - Friday, May 03, 1996 at 13:39:49 (PDT)
Great home for Bonanza fans!! I own Duane Cole's old B35, one of the best flying airplanes ever built!
John Bucher <>
Southlake, TX USA - Saturday, May 04, 1996 at 12:15:14 (PDT)
Really nice home page!! I am looking for that really special Bonanza or Debonair, 1955-70 vintage. I want to buy an exceptional aircraft that has always been hangered by a caring long time owner. Please send leads to my email address, or fax 540-347-7595. Thanks! :)
Bob Newman <>
Warrenton, VA USA - Sunday, May 05, 1996 at 08:44:42 (PDT)
Keep up the goow work. I enjoyed this almost as much as flying my Bonanza.
Steve Young <>
St Charles, MO USA - Monday, May 13, 1996 at 11:56:07 (PDT)
GREAT PAGE! I agree, Bonanzas are the best. I owned V35B ZS-PMG, serial 9740 and it was always a joy to fly. How about some more info on the Travelair's and other member's of the family?
Daniel C Spies <>
Sandton, RSA - Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 09:31:43 (PDT)
Been looken for a Bonanza page for some time. I fly an 1970 F33C (Aerobatic) and cannot think of an overall more perfect airplane. I'll be sure to send you a pic of our baby inverted. You might expect an number of AOL entries, I posted the URL on the Bonanza message board in the aviation section. We have a very good group conversing there on a daily basis. Thanks for the Page! Peter O'Sullivan
Peter O'Sullivan <Olewis@AOl.COM>
Redwood City, CA USA - Tuesday, May 14, 1996 at 14:11:42 (PDT)
Address for World Beechcraft Society -- 1436 Muirlands Drive LaJolla, Ca. 92037-6827 619/459-5901 FAX 619/459-2745 Alden C. Barrios, Pres. Southeastern Bonanza Society(Florida to the Virginias and over through Tenn., and anyone else who is interested in having great fly-ins) P.O. Box 1414 Huntsville, Al. 35807 Jesse P. Stutts, President
Harvey A. Kriegsman <Baron14Y@AOL.COM>
Palm Bay, Fl USA - Wednesday, May 15, 1996 at 16:30:26 (PDT)
Nice Web page. I have a J-35 N373GT. Flown it for the past 20 Years.
Mike <>
USA - Wednesday, May 15, 1996 at 19:53:53 (PDT)
Have a Commander 690B, would accept a Bonanza V35TC as a trade in.
Mario Amaral <>
São Paulo, SP Brazil - Sunday, May 19, 1996 at 10:21:09 (PDT)
N4253D a 1956 "G" model is my fun and joy. Just getting an overhaul. Glad that this site exists.
Michael S. Elliott <>
Seattle, WA USA - Sunday, May 19, 1996 at 22:48:21 (PDT)
Can anyone with ownership experience relate to me the advantages/disadvantages of owning and flying an A36 versus a B36TC in the Northeast/Southeast (ie. no Rockies flying) for an instrument rated pilot. ie. Is the turbo worth the add- itional operating costs ? Love to hear from you !
Alan Z <>
Montreal, PQ Canada - Thursday, May 23, 1996 at 20:12:01 (PDT)
I enjoy the bonanza page. I own a B35 and I am an A-P I
Michael Hammill <>
Burlington, nc USA - Saturday, May 25, 1996 at 07:56:31 (PDT)
great page!!!! loved you're comment and laughed out loud about the $100 hamburger($300 if you're in a duke)LOL!!!!! i love my m-35....have had it for about a year and i know other airplane owners are tired of hearing this's just the best single ever made. i love driving my bonanza!
jack barnes <>
houston, tx USA - Sunday, May 26, 1996 at 00:07:03 (PDT)
Owner/pilot of Baron N2771. It's great to find a place for us Beech "nuts" on the web!
Sven Larson <>
Northridge , Ca USA - Monday, May 27, 1996 at 20:57:05 (PDT)
I own a 1969 V35A. Thank for a great Web Page. I plan to stop in often.
Bill Lee <7411,2173@Compuserve.Com>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Wednesday, May 29, 1996 at 12:19:30 (PDT)
1968 D55 Baron
Pete Bedell <Pete.Bedell@AOPA.ORG>
Frederick, MD USA - Thursday, May 30, 1996 at 09:19:42 (PDT)
1978 B-55 Baron, s/n TC-2164 A great job of bringing people together that share the love and pride of owning a great airplane.
Douglas M. James <>
Edina, MN USA - Friday, May 31, 1996 at 20:02:03 (PDT)
Great page! Just flew a friends B35 last week - I'd forgotten how nice these airplanes are. :-)
Alan R. Abell <>
Elgin, IL USA - Friday, May 31, 1996 at 22:20:06 (PDT)
I flew Bonanzas back in the late 60s & early 70s. It was love at first flight. I never felt I could afford an airplane so I just dreamed. Finally, in 1993, I purchased my first airplane, a 1968 V35A. I've since put a Capehart Ultimate engine in it as well as new paint, interior, and all new glass. It has an intercomm, HSI, Century III, Strikefinder, GEM 610, stereo, etc. etc. Even though I have a lot in it, it still appreciates better than most any other investments I could have indulged in ... and its a lot more fun! I wish we had a dedicated news group type environment so we could openly exchange Bonanza specific information.
John Whitehead <>
Germantown, TN USA - Saturday, June 01, 1996 at 19:37:01 (PDT)
Your book marked! Look forward to learning and sharing information. Purchased F33A '91 N8230Y last fall after years of coveting one. Came out of '78 182 RG I'll never be able ot go back! Based at Manassas, VA. HEF. Keep up the good work. See ya all.
David Brown <>
Vienna, VA USA - Tuesday, June 04, 1996 at 20:05:51 (PDT)
Finally a Bonanza Page. I'm owner of 1964 S35 N5820S based at Van Nuys, Calif. Thanks for putting this together.
David Axelrod <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tuesday, June 04, 1996 at 23:39:31 (PDT)
Nice job! Wish I had more time to devote to my pages ... I have around 100 hours in '60 BE35-33 Debonair, it is my father-in-law's airplane and due to his death is currently up for sale... Contact me, if you're truly interested! June 5, 1996
Frank J. Hanish <>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Wednesday, June 05, 1996 at 14:24:24 (PDT)
looking for a T-34. any help appreciated.
eric rappaport <airrap @>
USA - Saturday, June 08, 1996 at 08:30:10 (PDT)
Enjoyed your page. I'm looking forward to seeing some info on the Travelair. Incidently, we're in the market for a good one in the $50,000 range. Would appreciate any leads. Keep up the good work!!
Mike Blake <>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - Monday, June 10, 1996 at 22:24:08 (PDT)
Congratulations!Very nice page.I own a A-35,1949 for more than 20 years and I would'nt change it for nothing in the world(well,almost nothing)
Fernando Karlezi M <>
Santiago, Chile - Friday, June 14, 1996 at 15:01:36 (PDT)
I hate Windows, but think your Bonanza page is great. We at the American Bonanza Society are delving into setting up a home page for the ABS. Would appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Barrie C. Hiern, President, ABS <>
Rome, GA USA - Saturday, June 15, 1996 at 14:55:45 (PDT)
Great Page. I am finding information here not obtainable on other media. I have owned a 1990 F33A since March last year. It is the best plane I have flown.
Peter Mochrie <>
Buderim, Q. Australia - Saturday, June 15, 1996 at 17:31:34 (PDT)
Congradulations on a great page! Just completing pre-buy inspection on a '57 H. N5523D has 2000tt and has been completely updated to a "P" including the panel! She has a new IO470-N and tip tanks. I'll keep you posted. Thanks!
Dave Donnelly <>
Los Angeles, cCa USA - Wednesday, June 19, 1996 at 20:11:37 (PDT)
comments about F33A's are welcome (problems or operating techniques)
Bob Brown <>
USA - Tuesday, July 02, 1996 at 00:09:31 (PDT)
PPL SE/IR 34yrs. 1400tt BE36 Pilot (N-number in Europe)
Robert Jan Bergsma <>
Hilversum, The Netherlands - Wednesday, July 03, 1996 at 09:10:36 (PDT)
Jose de la Fuente <>
CHILE - Friday, July 05, 1996 at 19:50:57 (PDT)
Great web site where have you been hiding. One comment V-tails are great planes as with any Beech products, so how about including straight tails also
Tony Beard <Not Working>
Huntington Beac, Ca USA - Saturday, July 20, 1996 at 11:46:26 (PDT)
Nice job Howierd. I even found it without saving your address
Jim Bemiss <>
Highlands, NJ USA - Saturday, July 20, 1996 at 19:44:50 (PDT)
I'm a HUGE Bonanza fan (and Beechcraft in general), and fly a Bonanza on my flight simulator. If anyone knows where I could get an owner's manual, POH, checklist, etc., for a Beech Bonanza V35B or M35 (at a cheap price), let me know.
Bryan White <>
Hays, NC USA - Sunday, July 21, 1996 at 14:43:54 (PDT)
Great start - this has a LOT of potenial. Owner: S35/N354M
Michael Engle <>
Sunnyvale, CA USA - Wednesday, July 24, 1996 at 23:23:55 (PDT)
Ran across your home page. Will read it later.
Rue Sanders <>
Spearman, Tx USA - Thursday, July 25, 1996 at 19:42:12 (PDT)
Hi all. Nice page. I'm looking for info on the Beech 60 Duke. Namely operating parameters (Vne, Vr, etc) and checklists. Any help would be appreciated and acknowledged. Thanks.
Geoff Wells <>
Perth, WA Australia - Saturday, July 27, 1996 at 00:57:35 (PDT)
1959 K-35 N184Q,nice low time VFR weekend rocket.
arnie guida <>
milw, wi USA - Monday, July 29, 1996 at 13:32:50 (PDT)
Great to find a site dedicated to the Bonanza. Would be nice to have links to locations selling new/used parts. I own a G-35, and am having trouble locating parts for the 215 electric prop. Keep up the good work!
Michael Hart <>
Panama City , Panama - Sunday, August 04, 1996 at 17:13:09 (PDT)
N3772Q Just started on the internet and enjoy reading about BONANZA'S I have been flying 3772Q since 1976
Harold Burtzloff <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Sunday, August 04, 1996 at 20:16:44 (PDT)
I've bookmarked this page, and will return often. I recently purchased a 1968 Travel Air E95. It's in perfect condition. I'll send you a photo.
Ron Ruel <>
Bloomsbury, NJ USA - Tuesday, August 06, 1996 at 14:26:13 (PDT)
Thanks for doing this. These airplanes are the greatest.
Peter Chambliss <>
Manhattan Beach, CA USA - Thursday, August 08, 1996 at 19:46:35 (PDT)
Hey check out my dad's 1950 C-35 Bonanza on my home page
Johnathan Gifford <>
Fayetteville, AR USA - Thursday, August 08, 1996 at 19:49:49 (PDT)
Love the page! I'm not rich enough or good looking enough to own a Bonanza, but I do love 'em. had a great time flying into OSH the last two years in my bestest buddies Debonair!
Leo Burke <>
madison Hts, MI USA - Sunday, August 11, 1996 at 19:15:46 (PDT)
Look's like a great site. Precise Flight, Inc. manufactures SpeedBrakes, an intake manifold driven standby vacuum system, and the Pulselite landing light flasher. If you have any questions, check out our web site at or send me an e-mail.
Scott Lincoln <>
Bend, OR USA - Wednesday, August 14, 1996 at 15:44:51 (PDT)
Super info, I have a 1992 F33A, look forward to sharing info with others.
Al Roseman <>
Wilmington, NC USA - Tuesday, August 20, 1996 at 17:37:40 (PDT)
I am glad I found Your page! --- V- Tail is my passion. The more I learn, the more I know that Bonanza is still light years ahead with the design 50 years after the fact! One day I want to own one ! Thank You for Your page and fellowship!
William Hibbard <>
Henderson, TX USA - Sunday, August 25, 1996 at 10:00:07 (PDT)
i have spoken to bill finlen who is registered as the australian contact for the abs . he has requested that it be changed to me . the postal adress is 9 maroondah hwy. croydon victoria australia 3116 . fax country (61) area (03) 97350378 kind regards ,
melbourne, vv australia - Tuesday, August 27, 1996 at 02:44:10 (PDT)
Had no idea. Interesting. I'll ck back.
William H. Wimsatt <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tuesday, August 27, 1996 at 03:18:02 (PDT)
Great page...keep up good work. Music & my H35 bonanza makes a great match. I've flown a v-tail for 30 years...they are the greatest Bonanzas to Oshkosh '96 was excellent. If you would like a video of it call me 1-800-733-5066. #swap
Jesse Peterson <>
Leawood, KS USA - Thursday, September 05, 1996 at 17:25:01 (PDT)
Thanks for all the info. I'll be in the market for a Bonanza next year and all this support data really helps.
Jim <>
Manlius, NY USA - Friday, September 06, 1996 at 20:03:36 (PDT)
Found you via the ABS mag. Great page, plan to visit often. Present owner of B33 (N1490G).
Ken Braman <>
Aguanga, Ca USA - Saturday, September 07, 1996 at 14:46:07 (PDT)
This is really a great find on the net for us Bonanza pilots. I plan to check in regularly. Keep up the good work.
Bob Curry <>
Ft. Myers, FL 33919USA - Saturday, September 07, 1996 at 15:02:05 (PDT)
1974 V35B N3181W - I've been looking around the web for months for a Bonanza home page. It is terrific that someone got around to putting one up. The maiing list looks useful as well. Thanks!
Adam Grosser <>
Palo Alto, CA USA - Thursday, September 12, 1996 at 12:33:54 (PDT)
Got linked to your great site via the Mooney page. Currently flying a 1959 Mooney and scheming ways to work myself into a Bonanza. Like to share flights in my Mooney with Seattle area Bonanza pilots if you could bring yourselves to squeeze into my cockpit. My plane is based at PAE.
Henry Hochberg <>
Woodinville, WA USA - Sunday, September 15, 1996 at 12:11:14 (PDT)
NICE SITE, Now on my book mark list 1956 G-35 for 7 years, guess I'll keep it Glad to respond to any E 225 operators
Tom Roper <>
Poulsbo, WA USA - Wednesday, September 18, 1996 at 18:27:56 (PDT)
What a great idea. I am glad the Bonanza finally has entered the electronic age. I own D4014, F35, N3348C. Look forward to many more additions to this data bank.
Isaac Lang <70263,>
Cumming, Ga USA - Friday, September 20, 1996 at 18:18:42 (PDT)
Very nice page, howard.
colleen maguire <>
burlingame, ca USA - Friday, September 20, 1996 at 20:33:06 (PDT)
I would be interested in trading my 150hp Van's RV-4 for an older Bonanza. Info about Bonanzas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Vince Frazier <>
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday, September 22, 1996 at 20:59:25 (PDT)
Lost N1527S P35 to Tampa Bay about 3 months ago and am looking to replace with another 35 or model 33. E-mail or call at 813-866-8910 evenings.
Norris Rickey <>
Clearwater , FL USA - Tuesday, September 24, 1996 at 10:34:12 (PDT)
Just the site I've been looking for! This is much better than picking through endless threads on the newsgroups. I'm restoring a D-35 and am a fan of the early models (can't afford anything past 1960). Anyone else interested in sharing parts sources and stories on the early birds please contact me. David Francis
David Francis <>
Ft. Worth, TX USA - Wednesday, September 25, 1996 at 05:20:57 (PDT)
Very good page. We need more Beech on the net.
MaryBeth Clark <>
Tulsa, OK USA - Wednesday, September 25, 1996 at 16:57:26 (PDT)
Nice page. Had to sell my G-35 N887M 2 years ago but hope have another Pre H model soon. Would like to hear from any Ham Radio people. Maybe could start a Bonanza net Call sign is W1LVL on the radio.
George Kangas <>
South Daytona, FL USA - Sunday, September 29, 1996 at 21:22:52 (PDT)
Thanks for your efforts. I own a 1947 35 SN 1192. I flew it to Alaska this summer and had a great trip. 65 hours and NO trouble. I have spent twice on restoring it as it cost new and it was worth it. Keep up the good workl
Mike Pinson <>
Harker Heights, TX USA - Friday, October 04, 1996 at 19:17:14 (PDT)
Joe, Thanks for putting up the hot link over to GAMI.COM. BTW, balancing the fuel/air ratios by installing GAMIjectors(tm) isn't just a "theory", anymore. The FAA says it is proven! Please feel free to use GAMI or GAMIjector(tm) in your link reference. And remember, the "show special" $649.00 price ends at the conclusion of the AOPA convention. On 10/20/96 the price goes to $749.00. Will you post a picture of N11RT (alias, "Dragon Lady") if I scan it and send it to you? Regards, George
George W. Braly <>
Ada, Ok USA - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 19:57:35 (PDT)
LAKESIDE, OR USA - Tuesday, October 08, 1996 at 21:38:29 (PDT)
I am an A/P and I love to work on the Baron. They are built like a tank and man, are they fast. Nice page guys. Good luck and please bring 'em back in one piece.
John Bailey <>
Sandy, UT USA - Thursday, October 10, 1996 at 04:17:21 (PDT)
Outstanding! Best GA page on net. Have a K35, in process of loving restoration
George Wolf
River Forest, IL USA - Friday, October 11, 1996 at 22:06:26 (PDT)
I own a 1984 B36TC. Great Airplanes and great people own and drive them. Thanks for your great job!!!!!
Scott L. Alperin<>
Pepper Pike, OH USA - Tuesday, October 15, 1996 at 18:48:16 (PDT)
I am looking for a v35 vtail or 65-70 Debonier. To be stationed at Gnoss Marine cty. CA. or a partership in the area.415-931-5218
Dennis Flynn <>
USA - Friday, October 18, 1996 at 15:10:40 (PDT)
Very useful page! I'm researching everything I can find on the V35 prior to finalizing a trade. (Great Lakes Trainer!) I'll continue to visit the page afterwards. Thanks!
Don Conner <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Sunday, October 20, 1996 at 05:26:39 (PDT)
Hi eveybody!
Arun Reddipalli <>
lincoln, ne USA - Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 11:20:26 (PDT)
What a great page! My little boy and I fly our 1957 H model all over the country looking for interesting aircraft and food! "Old Blue" has 2200tt and is still wearing her original paint and interior (and panel). Thanks for the nice resources and links these will be very helpful to all of us. Best wishes to all. Fly smart,Fly Safe. Adios. PO.
P. Oswald <>
Murrieta, Ca USA - Wednesday, October 23, 1996 at 01:09:51 (PDT)
Have just been onto ABS for my dad and then found this page. He doesn't have access to the net but if he say all this, boy would he be wrapt. Great to see some Aussies on here. I'll keep him informed.
Harry Rice <>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Wednesday, October 23, 1996 at 18:49:17 (PDT)
I am looking for the whereabouts of m old F35. The Bonanza is not just an airplane. It is a temple upon which four generations of piolts have worshiped speed, economy, comfort, class and power. I speak in terms of gratitude that I was one of the select few to not follow crowds to the Cessns or Piper camps. I dearly miss my Bonanza and just pray she is in good loving hands today. I am simply looking for the current owner to see how the old bird is doing. The model is F35, S.N. D-4024 Registration No. N123JV. I sold it in 1993 to a aircraft restorer out of Oaklahoma named Jerry Pool. He said he would send me photos when he was done painting her and giving her a new interior. The two previous owners and I had don everything else. So if any one knows the F35 I am speaking of please E-Mail me a message. Thanks,
Kelvin L. Kaup <>
Thousand Oaks, CC USA - Friday, October 25, 1996 at 21:11:30 (PDT)
Nice Job! Takes me back to the 2 straight-35's I have owned and on to the ?35 I will own next.
Gordon C. Paige <71713,>
GIlbert, AZ USA - Saturday, October 26, 1996 at 20:14:54 (PDT)
CHARLOTTE , NC USA - Thursday, October 31, 1996 at 16:08:38 (PST)
N2785T is a '67 V35 with the IO-550 engine, based in Duluth since May, and prior to that enjoyed many years based in Kalamazoo, Michigan where the previous owner gave it lots of tender loving care. If you need Bonanza service I recommend Kalamazoo Aircraft, Inc. The owner is a V-tail pilot and A&P of the year for 1996, Ralph Michalka.
Gil Buettner <>
Duluth, MN USA - Friday, November 01, 1996 at 15:49:02 (PST)
Great page I have a V-35- A that Ive flow for 20 years I just bought a B-58-tc so its good to have a page with other people with my same illness
Bill shortt <>
south lyon, mi USA - Tuesday, November 12, 1996 at 18:09:36 (PST)
Love your page! We own N995-T, a 1960 Debbie (CD 196). Looking for a way to add Shoulder Harness to the front seats. I can't find kits for a 33. Can anyone help? Carl Cline (704) 322-3410.
Carl Cline <>
Hickory, NC USA - Monday, November 18, 1996 at 20:29:46 (PST)
Thanks for creating a web page for Bonanzas! I purchased my C35 in 1994, had lots of mods done by Aviation Research in Sandy OR. Started flying it on Dec. 20 1994 and have put 430 hours on it since! I have been ferrying bonanzas whenever i can. So far I have found the C model the most pleasurable to fly. It is the lightest on the controls compared to the later models.
Bruce Haynes <>
Welches, OR USA - Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 22:04:48 (PST)
Nice page. A few years back I rented a Bonanza from a local club here in Sacramento. It was in pretty lousy shape, as were most of the club airplanes in my opinion, but I enjoyed flying the rattletrap immensely. I hope to buy one someday when I become wealthy :-)
Steve Dold <>
Sacramento, ca USA - Friday, November 22, 1996 at 21:15:34 (PST)
New owner of B55 N421BJ, have frequented your page often and have enjoyed the Beechcraft experience so far. I downloaded the shoulder harness info and hope to install same. Thank you for the inforamtion.
David Peterson <>
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, November 23, 1996 at 20:59:04 (PST)
Great page! I have have owne dand flown a 1949 polished AL A35 with E225, Hartzel, 60 gal fuel. We have repainted, new interior, rebushed landing gear. Next will be new glass and interior metal repaint. Fly lots of long cross country and some IFR.
Doug Steen <>
Morgantown, PA USA - Sunday, November 24, 1996 at 17:56:39 (PST)
The ABS page is pale compared to your fine site. I had to fish an old ABS magazine wrapper out of the trash to get my membership number to log on, then I found many areas devoid of any data or non functional! They have some nice links but who doesn't!? I think you guys reflect the spirit that started many organizations like the ABS but they have long since forgotten their roots. I hope you can keep building the page! Viva la E-225-8 !
Bruce Haynes <>
Welches, OR USA - Tuesday, November 26, 1996 at 01:06:01 (PST)
Good Web Page. It's book marked and I'll be back on a regular basis. B-33 N971Q based at Santa Paula, CA.
Ted Smith <SZP>
Ventura , CA USA - Friday, November 29, 1996 at 17:24:30 (PST)
Nice page... I'm a Cardinal driver, but have always been envious of the Bonanza. Shortly before buying my current plane, I test flew a 1960 Model 33 that a guy had in Hawthorne, Ca. Absolutely beautiful, hangared bird for $39,000. Boy, did I miss out.
Tony Williams <>
Fremont, CA USA - Saturday, November 30, 1996 at 01:58:40 (PST)
GREAT JOB! I'm a new 1951 C-35 owner and very eager to enter the coveted world of "V Tail" Bonanza owners. Loking for lots of mentoring. Would really like to find an Operator's Manual for the C-35. Any ideas? Regards, Skip Dent
CW5 Skip Dent <>
Hiram, GA USA - Thursday, December 05, 1996 at 19:11:20 (PST)
Enjoyed this trip down nostalgia lane. I worked at the factory in the 60s. Got to fly with Vern Carstens (test pilot of first BA35) on his last flight prior to retirement, heard from Mrs. Beech many good stries and rescued the photos of the laminar wing crash . They're now at the Smithsonian. Many other wonderful Bonanza memories come to mind. Keep up the good work!
Vern Modeland <>
Flippin, AR USA - Friday, December 06, 1996 at 17:09:03 (PST)
Another resource for someone who's just purchased an E-55 Baron (by the way, GAMIjectors work! Used them since new on two IO-520s)
Ron Koyich <>
Manila, Philippines - Wednesday, December 11, 1996 at 20:43:17 (PST)
Really enjoy this page. Currently own H35 based at 52F. Ours has IO-470 with Alternator and a couple of other mods. Plan to modify more.
Flower Mound, TX USA - Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 14:19:04 (PST)
My wife Sharon and I, along with Doug and Sandy Haughton, just purchased a pristine S35. Its gorgeous, with a KFC200 flight director, and every instrument we'd ever want. We are so fortunate.
John Veatch <>
Bremerton, Wa USA - Tuesday, December 24, 1996 at 21:11:04 (PST)
I,m glad to see this a plane take a back seat. just a plane and i go way back.. to you thanks and good luck. chuck keown evansville,ind.
Chuck Keown <keown@evansville,net>
evansville , in USA - Sunday, December 29, 1996 at 17:03:50 (PST)
Thanks for a great web site. I've already bought and sold a couple of items from the swap page. I owned a straight 35 for 17 years and now have a 64 S-35 with the IO-550. Thanks again for keeping this page up.
Russell Hackler <>
Danville, CA USA - Wednesday, January 01, 1997 at 10:33:40 (PST)
Thanks for setting up this very useful reference. With what I am seeing here I just might get up enough motivation to trade my beautiful Skyhawk for something faster.
Jerry Crawford <>
Miami, FL USA - Wednesday, January 01, 1997 at 17:21:10 (PST)
Very nice Web. Owner of V35B
Ivan Svendsen <>
Korsor, DENMARK - Friday, January 10, 1997 at 12:53:26 (PST)
Enjoyed the page. I own a B35 D2403 built 22 may 50 I am also an a andp and enjoy working on bonanza,s
Michael Hammill <>
Burlington, nc USA - Saturday, January 11, 1997 at 22:36:49 (PST)
Great page !! Keep up the good work !!Have just recently sold my beloved 87 F-33 that I bought new. Am looking for good used 55 Baron for more weight carrying cap. Anyone with tips, mod info, leads, or just general info etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Gore < (note L after T)>
Fayeteville, NC USA - Monday, January 13, 1997 at 00:56:03 (PST)
I belong to a group that has 2 A-36s and am looking for an earlier Bonanza to buy. I have been flying the Bonanza for about a year and really enjoy the handling. It is much lighter on the controls than the Boeing I fly for the airline and no all the complaints about "why didn't we leave on time" Good page...enjoyed reading it and have added it to my bookmarks. John Wiley N36GF and N86BC
John Wiley <>
Marietta, ga USA - Monday, January 13, 1997 at 11:14:41 (PST)
This is a really neat page for us BONANZA Owners. I have a much modified J35. Thanks Again
James Ryan <>
Surfside Beach, Tx USA - Friday, January 17, 1997 at 07:33:39 (PST)
1955 F35 N4240B, D4214, kept at Princeton, NJ (39N). E225, full IFR, HSI, beaucoup mods. Green/white. Thanks!
James P Fazekas <>
E Windsor, NJ USA - Friday, January 17, 1997 at 20:57:40 (PST)
Grate job! .best Bonanza page. I Have owned G35 N4410D for fifteen years and loved every flight.
James A. Rollow <>
Clinton, Tn USA - Sunday, January 19, 1997 at 18:36:50 (PST)
Nice work.... I enjoyed the pics. too.
Joe DeLucia <>
Norwich, CT USA - Sunday, January 19, 1997 at 21:33:15 (PST)
good page....grew up with Beechcraft all my life...felt at home thanks
Mary Beth Clark <>
Tulsa, Ok USA - Tuesday, January 21, 1997 at 19:24:21 (PST)
nice job...I am new to this "web stuff" and I have created a product that works on bonanzas with either the IO-520 or the IO-550 engines. I am interested in advertising it on your web page. Please E-mail me any relivant information, or you can call me during the day @ (219) 872-0694
John LaRocco <john.l.bonanzadriver>
michigan city, in USA - Tuesday, January 28, 1997 at 15:37:15 (PST)
Like your pages alot--when I learn how to use them. How can I run a wanted ad for 88' electric prop blades? I also have serious reservations about one of you recommended repairs stations out West here. Call for details--or better yet, call with prob blades. Thanks, Bill Taylor N3523B (520)822-2486
Bill Taylor
Tucson, AZ USA - Wednesday, January 29, 1997 at 17:53:18 (PST)
Great place to look for stuff. Nice to find a clearing house for MODs. Need a mod for the A-36 stand by generator that makes it last or upgrades it to an alternator. Don't know if one exists. 3081W
White Lake, MI USA - Thursday, January 30, 1997 at 03:23:12 (PST)
I have a K-35. I bought it one year ago. I love your homepage. I have already used it to locate a 337 I would like to do (shoulder harnesses). By the way, there is one more 337 on the subject by a Mr. Edwards.
Steven W. Oxman <>
Annapolis, MD USA - Saturday, February 01, 1997 at 20:20:14 (PST)
Great Page! I can never get enough information on this great machine. I have a J35,fast and good lookin! Glad you spent some time with the V-tail. I like them better than the "sissy tails" . Just kidding, thanks much.
Vincent Fodor <>
Noton, OH USA - Monday, February 03, 1997 at 18:43:29 (PST)
Great Web page. Very extensive and nicely layed out. Would it be widely accepted to put new category in your index called "STCs and Modifications"? All interested in STCs and Mods, those who have them, those who want to know about them.
Russ Beckner <>
Hollis, NH USA - Wednesday, February 05, 1997 at 07:46:31 (PST)
1953 D-35, ser #3655
Dick David <>
Santa Cruz, CA USA - Wednesday, February 05, 1997 at 22:46:36 (PST)
Very nice page! Is this where I would add to the places where you can rent a bononza? If so, P.U.C. Flight Center has a very nice Debonair for rent for $85 (tach) retail and @81 club. Angwin is in the Napa Valley. 707-965-6219
Reinhard Jarschke <>
Angwin, CA USA - Saturday, February 08, 1997 at 20:59:20 (PST)
Great page! Sure wish I could afford a Bonanza, but my trusty Beechcraft Musketeer Sport III does a fine job. Just did first runup of new engine today. Interior is next. Does any one know of a page for (Don't laugh) Musketeers? If so, email me. If you are in the area, fly to the Gold Beach, Or Fly-in & Pancake breakfast October 4, 1997. Fast growing popular event located on the Pacific Ocean and the mouth of the Rogue River. Warbirds, Biplanes, and lots more. Email for info.
Gary <>
Gold Beach, Or USA - Sunday, February 09, 1997 at 21:42:22 (PST)
Great Page! A very nice place to share. I'm a Venezuelan Private Pilot and own a Debonair 35C33A, serial CE-88, 1966, straight tail. I'd like to keep in contact with Debonair's pilots around the world.
Osvaldo Larrazábal <>
San Cristóbal, TACHIRA VENEZUELA - Monday, February 10, 1997 at 17:45:00 (PST)
For those interested in shoulder harnesses-: Single strap, across-the-chest, are available through Safety, Ltd for $110.00 including lab belts. Attach to old side visor site. Not STCd, but as described ABS Newsletter, May 1988,p2081. Co provides boiler plate for one-time field approval. Take about 15mins to install. Order extra length shoulder strap for pilot if you want to reach your tank selector and wobble pump. Call them on 1-800-5849358. OR, call Bud Blancher (306)832-6566, and get on his list for INERTIA REEL harnesses approx $800 a pair at this writing 9no STC as yet). He manftures the well-regarded B.A.S. line for Cessnas.
Bill Taylor <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Tuesday, February 11, 1997 at 10:39:10 (PST)
Was looking for a childhood neighbour and friend, John Mazur- ek and his name popped up on your guestbook. Mine is from Newport News, VA. Probably ain't the same one, but it's fun communicating on the 3W. Here is one for you: Please explain and describe exhaustively the difference betwn. an object's kinetic friction coefficient and its static fric. coeff.. Bye!
Monty Ehrich <none>
vancouver, bc canada - Saturday, February 15, 1997 at 17:53:57 (PST)
Nancy & I have a V-35 N5480U. We have flown it all over the 48 states and up to Alaska. We also have a Glasair II RG N99WR. This is my first time to this Web far, so good.
Ron & Nancy Walters <102523,>
Royal Oak, MI USA - Wednesday, February 26, 1997 at 20:23:09 (PST)
I have a Straight 35 and love the plane. Great page.
Sam Sewell <>
Seattle, WWa USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 00:26:37 (PST)
Best on airport restaurant I have found: Hagerstown, MD. Why not start a log-in category of good dining spots?
William J. Quinn <>
West Chester, PA USA - Monday, March 03, 1997 at 09:26:44 (PST)
In 23 years of flying my A-36 in the North East I have sprayed the prop liberally with a silicone spray and never had ice accumulate.
William J. Quinn
USA - Monday, March 03, 1997 at 09:41:08 (PST)
Nice page!! I have a P-35 (1963) Bonanza and have owned it for 7 years. I just put in a factory reman IO-470N engine and have 15 hour on it . So far, so good. Iwould appreciate any comments on recent experience with factory re-man IO-470N engines.
Jeff Scherer <>
Delavan, WI USA - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 16:09:37 (PST)
Great web page, I really enjoyed it. Quite informative; and FUN!
Jim Good <>
San Antonio, TX USA - Saturday, March 15, 1997 at 14:42:33 (PST)
I am feeling at home at your site! With compliments.
Bob Willemsen <>
Maarssen, Netherlands - Saturday, March 15, 1997 at 14:45:07 (PST)
This is very nice place.Great job.
Pavle Spoljaric <>
Zagreb, CROATIA - Wednesday, March 19, 1997 at 04:10:40 (PST)
Thanks for the great effort. Since 'discovering' your page and posting a query, we've had the benefit of numerous list members' comments to assist us in making the 'reman. engine' decision (it'll be delivered in 2 weeks), I downloaded your J35 checklist and we're in the process of revising ours, and I've learned so much about equipment priorities, maintenance, and flying the engine . . . . This is a great resource for Bonanza owners!
Carol Coghlan <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Monday, March 24, 1997 at 22:09:00 (PST)
Great page! I'll be lookiong forward to seeing more about '55 Barons! I've operated mine over the eastern half of the US and parts of the Carribean for 10 years. A very faithful bird.
Todd Parkhurst <>
Chicago, Il USA - Wednesday, March 26, 1997 at 12:58:23 (PST)
We recently bought a 67 Travelair and would like to hear from anybody with advice, tips or just how you feel about your Travelair.
Jon Manning <>
Leesburg, Fl USA - Saturday, March 29, 1997 at 11:58:17 (PST)
Addition to your ForRent area: At Palomar Airport (Carlsbad, Ca), the following are available: 1 A36 (73??) at Palomar Flight 619-438-4345 2 A36 (94!) at Four Winds 619-438-2111 3 E33 (68) at Hangar10 619-438-2871 I've flown all three - they're all nice, esp the new A36! Where do you recommend on looks on the Web for Bonanzas for sale? Regards, D Blacke
D Blacke <>
San Diego, Ca USA - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 11:42:24 (PST)
For those of you looking for an EXCELLENT option for service and repair on ALL recip Beech products, see Jim Wood and Don Williams @ BCH Aviation @ Fresno's Chandler Field 122.95 (Fresno's other airport. Jim's dad was a local crop duster and has a beautiful F-model and Don owns a K-35 with his brother). The guys have over 35 years of combined experience. Having known these guys personally since before the break-up of Beech, they have a reputation of needing to only fix the problem once!!! Give them a call @ 209-441-0991 and tell them Pat Smith said "Hello"
Patrick G. Smith, Jr <>
San Jose, CA USA - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 23:00:58 (PDT)
Nice Web Site. The NTSB does not maintain complete records. The FAA is the Custodian of Record for the SDR and AID systems, along with several others. In my other life, I work for the FAA as the Manager of the Branch owning these systems. There is much more complete data available.
John Bent <>
Norman, OK USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 07:27:22 (PDT)
great idea! keep us posted.
joseph cox <>
cincinnati, oh USA - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 10:18:42 (PDT)
I am the proud owner of my first plane, a 1947 35 V-Tail. Just flew it back from Tennessee to California. Friends told me what a pleasure the Bonanza was to fly, and now I'm a believer. Look forward to talking to other Bonanza owners, and I love your web page.
Bill Becker <>
San Diego, CA USA - Thursday, April 17, 1997 at 19:54:18 (PDT)
Enjoyed the site I own a B35 and have flown it for 11 years. Have installed the D Shannon panel mod. I am also an A/P
Michael Hammill <>
burlington , nc USA - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 05:30:40 (PDT)
Travel Air ( D-95-A) A very affortable Beech twin that has class and style. I would love to talk to other Travel Air owners. E-mail me. Thanks for this web site it's fun to read from other Beechcraft friends. Lets all stop surfing the web and go FLYING!
Greg Herburger <>
Puyallup, Wa. USA - Saturday, April 19, 1997 at 11:05:12 (PDT)
This is very good place.Great job done.Keep on working this way.
Zinka <>
Zagreb, CROATIA - Wednesday, April 30, 1997 at 04:49:23 (PDT)
Uh ah Cantona
Bob Hund
övik, Svärje - Sunday, May 04, 1997 at 05:28:07 (PDT)
FLYING COYOTES & AIRSMILES have made their first solo flight on the most ruling aircraft of the world. Of course we did this solo flight at ATTI in ARIZONA at RYAN airfield (TUCSON).
Schizo & Staar
Purmerend, NH The Netherlands - Thursday, May 08, 1997 at 12:54:23 (PDT)
Hi Howard, Very nice job on the page!. I'm fairly new to the internet thing as I just got my home computer setup a few weeks ago. My family has been involved in aviation since the 40's, and I currently run the business my father handed down to me, namely selling surplus Beechcraft parts. The business originated in 1969 selling mostly Model 18 parts, and since I joined him in 1977, we have expanded to cover the entire Beech line, especially Bonanzas, Debonairs & Barons. We currently have over 30,000 line items of Beechparts on the shelf, New, Used, & OHC'd at DISCOUNT prices. Structural, Ldg Gr, Flight Control, small parts, just about anything on the airframe excluding Avionics and "heavy" engine parts. We run ads in TAP, ABS, and WBS, and would not object to you mentioning us on your page, as we sell to everybody; be they private pilots, suppliers, or dealers. The info: ARRELL AIRCRAFT SALES, INC., 20540 SUPERIOR ST., UNIT E, CHATSWORTH, CA 91311, (818)727-9343, FAX (818)727-9345, or inquiries can be directed to my email address, if desired. Thanks again, and.....Blue Skies... Rick
Rick Leatherwood <>
Chatsworth, CA USA - Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 00:08:45 (PDT)
I just found your site from a link on Looks like it will be one that I return to often. I am the proud owner of a 35, Serial # D-952, N4577V Which I have owned 22+ years. Can't agree more that the Bonanza is one of the greatest airplanes to fly from the handling perspective. I'm also an A&P-IA and a CFI, in my spare time, so I have worked on them and taught in them for some time. My interests are also focused on STC's and field approved 337's for 35 through G35 applications. About 45% of the V-tailed Bonanza fleet was built before 1957. Power, speed and ease of use items are the most interesting changes for me. Keep up the good work. Snail Mail address is Jim McCollum, 14105 Durhullen Drive, Poway, CA 92064
Jim McCollum < or>
San Diego (Poway), CA USA - Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 12:05:38 (PDT)
I have owned a '47 Model 35 S/N D-495 for the last 10 years. N3084V has provided many hours of enjoyable and trouble free operation.There's a lot of truth to the saying "It's better in a Beechcraft."
Mark Eberly <>
Carmel, IN USA - Friday, May 16, 1997 at 08:40:15 (PDT)
WOW! I love my Debbie - N512WM- B33-1963. Looking for solution to right seat adjustment guide - possible broken latch. Need parts and instructions. My wife Debbie (convient name isn't it) and I love flying around the country - Any good flyin places on the East and South Coasts?
George Kotalic <>
Huntington, WV USA - Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 23:07:20 (PDT)
Great stuff!!
Tracy Robb <oldpane&>
Hekpoort, South Africa - Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 23:23:48 (PDT)
GREAT SITE!! When I finally bite the bullet and sell my Super Cub, I plan to buy a traveling aircraft. Although I'm looking at Mooney's like everyone else I really want a Bonanza. Was disappointed to find nothing under your Bonanza History & Types headings. May I suggest an article by Marc E. Cook in the December 1995 AOPA Pilot. Another Wantabe:
Monty Hackens <>
Elko, NV USA - Sunday, May 25, 1997 at 15:49:59 (PDT)
Web site looks like CAVU!
Robert Ward <>
Dallas , TX USA - Sunday, May 25, 1997 at 21:22:49 (PDT)
nice page..have owned a b33 for five years...would like to trade for an early b or c 55.
jim white <>
wakonda, sd USA - Monday, May 26, 1997 at 22:22:13 (PDT)
Cool site!
Beverly Allen <>
Montgomery, AL USA - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 08:49:29 (PDT)
Love those V-tails ever since I saw my first one in post-war Cleveland! I'm now retired Pan Am 747 driver and an avid scale R/C modeler. I'm searching for a V-35B in truly unique colors and livery to model in 1/5th scale. If your Bonanza is really beautiful, please E-mail me with a description of your aircraft. Thanks -- Lyman
Lyman Slack << >>
Gainesville, FL USA - Friday, May 30, 1997 at 16:08:14 (PDT)
What a great WEB site. Interesting, informative, very useful and easy to access. Thanks you!
Steve Walker <>
Redmond, WA USA - Saturday, June 21, 1997 at 08:21:22 (PDT)
We have a V-35, sn8453 its been to Japan, Thailand, europe several times, and lots of other places.....Unfortunately this all happened with the prior owner at the helm. BUT, we are the 2nd owners and love it to death. See you all at the WBS get-to-gether in Denver, Sep 4-7.
John Foose <>
USA - Sunday, June 22, 1997 at 17:42:26 (PDT)
I have a V35B that looks a lot like the one on your opening page. I enjoyed looking around and will be back.
Jim Cooper <>
Warwick, RI USA - Sunday, July 13, 1997 at 06:15:42 (PDT)
Nice web page! I just bought a '64 Debonair - will send you pix soon... Do know of anywhere I can get info on using autogas in this aircraft instead of avgas? Thanks Richard Kaiser
Richard Kaiser <>
Gilroy, CA USA - Monday, July 14, 1997 at 16:58:47 (PDT)
This is great that you have a site for us Bonanza Lovers. the links and information is great Please keep up the good work. We Appreciate it.
Gary Hillman <>
Penhold, AB Canada - Sunday, July 20, 1997 at 00:48:12 (PDT)
Anyone interested in sharing expenses in my 36 from SJC to ICT for the ABS convention?
Bob Hecocks <>
Saratoga, ca USA - Tuesday, July 22, 1997 at 12:45:05 (PDT)
Wonderful place. Been copying pages and pages. This original hungry flyer pilots a '74 F33A and just loves it.
Nick Skeer <>
San Jose, CA USA - Tuesday, July 22, 1997 at 15:12:02 (PDT)
Very nice page. I had good visit, Also I own a 1971 Bellanca Vuper Viking. I would like to move up to a Beech Bonanza or33.
Robert M Paille <>
Muncie, IN USA - Wednesday, July 23, 1997 at 16:33:04 (PDT)
LEAP is the ORIGINATOR OF THE TURBONORMALIZING SYSTEM FOR THE IO-520. This T/N system PERFORMANCE: Excellent TAS, climb rate at any altitude you fly, FAA certified to 24,000ft. High altitude, twin performance at a fraction of the cost. SAFETY: Climb to escape icing, weather, mountains, and high altitude airports. For a package with details of this system and a list of satisfied customers please call us at 541-962-0902 or e-mail us at ask for Mike Koufas
LaGrande, OR USA - Monday, August 11, 1997 at 15:09:41 (PDT)
Nice page. My wife and I own a 1966 C 33A (285 HP)Debonair, serial # CE-11, N 9451S.
Nicholas E. Silitch <>
Washington, DC USA - Sunday, August 17, 1997 at 03:08:55 (PDT)
I am a previous owner of Joe Garner's N35. Good job, Joe. I'll be coming back to the USA someday and am looking for a Bonanza. K35-S35. Let me know if you know of one for sale.
Beijing, China - Saturday, August 23, 1997 at 02:22:41 (PDT)
A Great Bonanza Web site! Please increase sections for Straight tails.....I own a 1975 F-33A.....Thanks for this new Bookmark...It's going at the top of my Aviation section.
Joe Gerardi <>
Boca Raton, Fl USA - Wednesday, August 27, 1997 at 18:59:46 (PDT)
My partner and I are looking at a 1957 H model Bonanza. The plane has 3000+ hours with 150SCMOH. New glass and paint. Same owner since 1985. Asking price $ 45,000.00. Any tips, warnings or general comments would be greatly appreciated.
Kyle Riley <indess>
Shady Shores, TX USA - Monday, September 01, 1997 at 09:37:06 (PDT)
Just loved it. Just bought a Bonanza N7379B will be based at Guthrie OK anyone know about its history please.Would welcome all adice about flying it very low time amateur.Just love OK. Thanks folks for the use of this facility. Paul
Paul P Burns <>
Preston, U.K - Tuesday, September 02, 1997 at 05:46:13 (PDT)
My partner and I just purchased a 1957 H model Bonanza and need the center panel cover which goes around the engine gauges and extends left and right to indicate switches. In addition we need the spring which hold the seat adjustment for the left pilot seat. Any help would be gratly appreciated. Thanks, Kyle
Kyle Riley <>
Carrollton, Tx USA - Saturday, September 27, 1997 at 14:41:23 (PDT)
Very useful page. Particularly enjoyed George Norris' commentary. I'm in the market for a higher performance airplane and am looking at Bonanza and Mooney, as are others. Interested in any other comparisons and guidance. Thanks.
Larry Wippman <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Monday, October 06, 1997 at 20:36:39 (PDT)
Good job!
Sébastien Ménard <>
St-Hubert, Qc Canada - Wednesday, October 08, 1997 at 10:43:56 (PDT)
What a tremendous labor of love! Thanks so much for making so much available on and through your site. Have only been PIC in a Skipper, but the quality difference was so obvious. Will bookmark your site to encourage me along the way until I have the Debonair I dream of.
Dan Bettle <>
Colton, CA USA - Monday, October 20, 1997 at 17:34:32 (PDT)
Thanks for the great page. Personally, I would fly the straight or v-tail regardless of tail style. Currently I fly a '68 E-33C 'acro' Bonanza, serial # CJ-10. Formerly N7741R, now C-GGCX. I'm hooked!
Tom Siimes <>
Windsor, ON Canada - Monday, October 20, 1997 at 19:56:29 (PDT)
I have been flying bonanza's for 25 years,this is the best thing to happen to them. I would also like to purchase an early model bonanza unfortunately I only have $25,000 cash and could have it to whom ever in 24hrs. If you have lost a medical or financial circumstanses dictate. Contact me immediately @
Mark Mullahey <>
Shinnston, Wv USA - Monday, October 20, 1997 at 21:53:21 (PDT)
I stumbled upon your page for the first time, but I've bookmarked it so it won't be the last! Excellent work! If anyone has technical or training questions about IO-520, -550, turbocharged or turbonormalized Bonanzas, e-mail or call me at 316-640-9193. We'll both learn something!
Thomas P. Turner <>
Wichita, KS USA - Friday, October 24, 1997 at 14:18:17 (PDT)
Just purchase a F33A, I would love to put a TSIO520 in it or a normalizer can anyone give me any information where I can find someone with an STC?
Paul Shannon <>
Elkhart, IN USA - Saturday, November 01, 1997 at 11:47:52 (PST)
Larry Robbins <>
Broken Arrow, OK USA - Wednesday, November 12, 1997 at 18:17:52 (PST)
Nice point of contact for scattered Bonanza drivers. How about resetting the zulu clock? It's always 11 minutes slow when I look in.
Dennis O'Donnell <>
Santa Fe, NM USA - Wednesday, November 12, 1997 at 21:27:08 (PST)
Just found you. Great page. Will be back with pictures of N46WS (50 yrs old-restored). Wonderful airplane still.
Mike Smith <>
Houston, TX USA - Friday, November 28, 1997 at 18:17:24 (PST)
The internet is the greatest invention since the Bonanza. All the information available is incredible. look forward to more help because of your great work.
Bob Thompson <>
Souderton, PA USA - Saturday, November 29, 1997 at 17:11:13 (PST)
SHREVEPORT, LA USA - Sunday, December 14, 1997 at 14:12:33 (PST)
I have owned my 1965 Model 35-C33 Debonair, Serial No. CD-948, Registration No. N8928U for over 12 years. It has just over 2,800 hours on the airframe, and I am about to upgrade it from the current 225 HP engine to 260 HP. It has been an all around superb aircraft. It is based at Oakland County International Airport in Southeastern Michigan. My office is at the airport so I can be with the plane!
Steve Chait <Air>
West Bloomfield, MI USA - Sunday, December 14, 1997 at 20:39:28 (PST)
I and three other guys own a K35 model (N6099E) that we keep in Gaithersburg, MD. I am also an instructor. I give instruction to people who own their aircraft. Anything from primary training to commercial and instrument - single or multi engine. I can accomodate most any one who wants to obtain a rating in a short period of time. My home phone number is: 301-424-5545
Sidney Stephens < AND/OR>
Rockville, MD USA - Monday, December 22, 1997 at 05:26:21 (PST)
I was a Beech factory demo pilot and sales rep during 1947 thru 1953. 1200 hours in Mod 35, A35, B35, C35.
Bill Plage <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Tuesday, December 23, 1997 at 12:52:01 (PST)
Excellent web page. For your maintenence section. Lamp Aviation Service at Carrollton,OH (TSO) Leon Lamp and his main wrench Randy are outstanding Bonanza maintenence people. Leon has worked on my F33A for the last 10 yrs
Bill Salsgiver <>
Cranberry Twp., PA USA - Wednesday, January 07, 1998 at 17:12:12 (PST)
I own a V35TC, I-BMBN, nicest airplane I ever flew. Will send you photo soon.
Giuseppe Munafò <>
Milano, ITALY - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 13:34:16 (PST)
Outstanding, Don't close down!!!
Jack Stovall <>
Austin, Tx USA - Sunday, January 11, 1998 at 06:48:17 (PST)
Love it,Love it,Love it!!!!!!! Nothing beats a Bonanza, & now a great web page too! Keep up the good work, come see us at Creve Coeur Airport during the ABS Convention in St.Louis. I'm the proud owner of N7274R, a 1975 V35B.
Phil Chastain <>
St.Louis, Mo USA - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 19:30:59 (PST)
Great page! Keep up the good work. I have a "F" model, 3809B and love it. Nothing the a Bonanza!!
Bob & Karen Scott <>
Farmington, MO USA - Tuesday, March 24, 1998 at 20:06:56 (PST)
Great homepage! I adore Bonanzas and my intention is to aquire a F33A. I just finished my instrument rating and I guess this would be a nice ship to travel arround. Take care A.B.
Bubenik, Alexander
Wiesbaden, HE Germany - Tuesday, April 07, 1998 at 07:28:43 (PDT)
Great site gentlemen. I will be purchasing my first Bonanza next week (after 40 years of lusting for one). I will update you with some new owner thrill stories later. Thanks for a fine place to see and do Bonanza stuff. - Mike
Michael F. Trahan <>
Corinth, Tx USA - Tuesday, April 14, 1998 at 03:33:31 (PDT)
Great work, Joe and Howard, Just surfing as I have plenty of time on my hands as my 1975 B55 Baron is in the shop getting a double engine reman at Ultimate in Mena Ak. I can't wait to be back in the air. Longest dry spell I've had in 45 years of not flying. Keep up the good work!!!
Ed Stafford
USA - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 11:37:40 (PDT)
Forgot to put my E-mail address in. Would love to hear from B55 Baron drivers especially on the IO470s.
Ed Stafford <flisafe@compuserve .com>
USA - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 11:43:52 (PDT)
Really glad I found your page, like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. N64CG, a "starfire" converted S35.
John Ornellas <>
Avon, Ma USA - Tuesday, May 12, 1998 at 14:13:12 (PDT)
This is an outstanding Bonanza site. Wish I had seen these earlier. Might have influenced my color scheem. Owner of 35 series "HOME BUILT". Am sending photos.
Harold Heath <>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Tuesday, May 12, 1998 at 15:53:58 (PDT)
The URL, on your website refers to Paul Stuber, a mechanic who would build shoulder harness bracket for the Bonanza. Paul referred me to the following company for everything already all set up: The entire set of adapter and new lap and shoulder harnesses is available from Safety Ltd. in Chicago, IL. (630) 584-9366. Nice folks, and price per front seat package is $110 with all their hardware. It's less if you send them your hardware. They offer the belts in just about any color you'd need, and they're prompt in getting the stuff out to you. Total cost for Front lap & shoulder harnesses and adapter plus matching rear lap belts was $320 delivered. Installation takes about an hour of shop time, plus the cost of a 337 submittal (Safety Ltd. provides an example).
Jim Fentress <>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Tuesday, May 26, 1998 at 18:44:01 (PDT)
And about the D50 TWINN BONNANZA ??? I'm looking for some spare parts after some ground problem on the hangar rigt engine stated and the ariplane rotate on imself in the storage place imagine can somebody could help us thanks a lot It is such a good airplane only two in flying condition in France cjlt
EPERNAY, FRANCE - Thursday, May 28, 1998 at 10:53:59 (PDT)
TITUSVILLE, FL USA - Friday, June 12, 1998 at 15:16:47 (PDT)
Very nice site, Our "50" 35 B mod will have a good source of info. Thanks for the site.
Jess & Marion Meyers <>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Tuesday, June 23, 1998 at 12:01:00 (PDT)
Congratulations on this well organised and useful web site. We run a large private airport on the East side of Melbourne, Australia. Our flying school owns 2 mid 70's A36s and one of the last E95 Travelairs. We would be pleased to rent these and provide any other assistance to Bonanza owners who may wish to conquer the worlds best flying environment here in Oz.
Roger E Merridew <>
Melbourne, Vic Australia - Saturday, July 18, 1998 at 17:39:05 (PDT)
N46WS Says, an outstanding internet service to we Bonanza owners. N46 WS is a 1947 model 35 Bonanza that is restored to factory spec. Its taken 5 years to get the plane together and equip it for comfortable cross country. The greatest joy with this wonderful Bonanza is to slip out to the airport and dusk and take off just before sunset, climb to 8K, then cruise at 21/21 and watch the sunset. It is stunningly beautiful to see Fredericksburg and Richmond light up. Then to shoot a practice ILS approach into Richmond, return to Fredericksburg for a visual over the Rapahannock River and down to landing at Shannon field. I will spread the word about your Internet page for Bonanza Owners and Pilots at my new field near Galveston. Houston Gulf Airport KSPX. If you should have reason to come to the Houston area, near Johnson Space Center, stop in and ask for Mike Smith and we can go for dinner at T-bone Toms, a "Beechcraft" hangout near the airport.
Mike Smith <>
Galveston, TX USA - Saturday, July 25, 1998 at 13:03:33 (PDT)
Read your page from time to time. Noticed there are no 1998 entries. How come?
Gordon Krueger <>
Mke, wi USA - Thursday, August 06, 1998 at 18:37:12 (PDT)
Great Beech page, we have had two F-33As, 1 with a 550. Great airplanes.
nic smoak <>
sc USA - Saturday, August 15, 1998 at 08:24:08 (PDT)
Hey Just checking you guys out. Got an old 54 T-Bone some things do interchange
Paul Schumacher <>
Colchester, VT USA - Saturday, September 19, 1998 at 20:21:14 (PDT)
My just released book, A World Flight Over Russia, has 4 Bonanzas that were part of 12 small planes flying around the world in 20 days while crossing Russia. One prominent member of the Bonanza Society, has spoken at various conventions, his Allison powered jetprop Bonanza was the only plane that didn't need service during our 17,500 mile journey. I was hired to document this unique event that took place in July 1992, the honeymoon period in Russia after the fall of the Empire when it was possible. Never again, now the book is out, written from 4 major pilots' journals, 9 ancillary journals, what I remembered, and 25 hours of video tape, which allowed me to reconstruct long forgotten events with precision. We are into the second printing and I would like to send more info or a book to get a review on the website.
Brad Butler <>
Santa Monica, CA USA - Saturday, October 10, 1998 at 15:19:20 (PDT)
Always enjoy the site . I own a B35 and I am an A/P Enjoy working on and flying older Bonanzas
Michael Hammill <Hamav@Netpath.Net>
Burlington, NC USA - Monday, November 02, 1998 at 21:52:41 (PST)
Enjoy the site I own and fly a B35 I am also an A/P and work on older Bonanzas Have 12 years experence enjoy talking about Bonanzas
Michael Hammill <Hamav@Netpath.Net>
Burlington, NC USA - Monday, November 02, 1998 at 21:58:14 (PST)
GREAT WEB SITE!! One of the most intriguing features about the 35 is the instrument panel and interior features. while I understand the desire to make an old 35 like new, I would love to see a page with pictures of current panels that are still in their original configuration. Do you or any other visitors have any?
Steve Dunne <>
Wichita, KS USA - Saturday, November 07, 1998 at 10:48:25 (PST)
Great web page. Bonanza's forever.
dan ferwerda <>
rapid city, sd USA - Tuesday, November 10, 1998 at 21:26:35 (PST)
Bonanza owners in the New England/North East! Beals Aircraft Service, Houlton, Maine. Being in the business and owning,for resale,over 50 Bonanzas believe me I have seen it all!! Terry Beals is simply the most honest,easy to deal with, knows what he is doing guy i have ever delt with. The only problem is Houlton, Me. Sure its the end of the world but Terry will work with you to get you home. He can also pick up. Call him at (207)532-9079. You will not be sorry. He knows Bonanzas!!
Chris Cantara/Bonanza Aviation <>
Cape Elizabeth, Me USA - Tuesday, November 24, 1998 at 11:09:15 (PST)
LA PALMA, , CA USA - Friday, December 18, 1998 at 17:36:37 (PST)
Nice Job! I did'nt know this site existed. I was bored tonight and just started looking around. How do I add my name to your list of qualified instructors. I, too am a CFI with the BPPP. keep up the good work. Dan
Dan Ramirez <>
Riverside, Ca USA - Wednesday, December 23, 1998 at 18:49:15 (PST)
Just bought my first Bonanza today, a gorgeous J35 with less than 3000 hours airframe time. Your page has already answered or led me to answers to some of my questions. Thanks!!
Curt Browning <>
Mesa, AZ USA - Thursday, December 31, 1998 at 20:28:45 (PST)
Owner of N2DN Great page- keep it up.
Matthew Haines <>
Denton, TX USA - Sunday, January 03, 1999 at 09:33:25 (PST)
was trying to get information on skipper that i was thinking about buying. does anybody have experince and any advise? would be glad to here. thanks
amarillo, tx USA - Sunday, January 10, 1999 at 19:36:54 (PST)
Nice!!! I was weaned on a Bonanza and learned to fly in a Cessna! I want to come home!What a wonderfull site! I would like to find out more about first time ownership of a Bonanza! Any suggestion appreciated...will be back!!!
Ken Mason <>
San Mateo, Ca USA - Thursday, January 14, 1999 at 20:16:20 (PST)
Owned and flown high wings; low wings- Tri-Pacer to Comanche; Love my 67 C-33 the most.
Phillip Heath <>
Pinehurst, NC USA - Tuesday, January 19, 1999 at 11:22:29 (PST)
Great page !! Having owned a Skyhawk for several years, my wife and I started shopping for a higher performance aircraft several months ago. We began talking with folks around the home field and ran into a couple with a Bonanza. After a couple rides and lots of conversation, we set our sights on Bonanzas and soon after found our 'new' J35. We have been very happy so far and are still training so we can be proficient in the plane. Your web page is a welcomed addition to our bookmarks and already has yielded some valued information. Thanks Curt Browning
Curt Browning <>
Mesa, AZ USA - Wednesday, January 20, 1999 at 10:50:08 (PST)
WOW! A wealth of Great Info! I have a 1964 S model.
Randy Shimon <RJShimon@AOL.COM>
Cedar Rapids, IA USA - Saturday, January 23, 1999 at 16:38:26 (PST)
Just found your site and commend you for the variety. Will certainly be back and contribute. R E Tremblay
richard e tremblay <>
w palm beach, fl USA - Sunday, January 24, 1999 at 12:34:45 (PST)
Really enjoyed reading thru the comments about bonanzas. I'm about to write a check for a1947 M35-I'm just learning about tail section on bonanzas and concerns for in-flight failure-anyone with a feeling pro or con please EMail. Thanks Bob Mundle
Bob Mundle <>
Amery, WI USA - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 18:27:56 (PST)
Nice to have a page for mutual communication re Bonanzas
Jim Northcutt <>
Boerne, TX USA - Thursday, January 28, 1999 at 18:37:58 (PST)
I'm new to the net but his is the best page I have found to date. I have just completed all of the fiberglass moulds for an exact scale 28% V35B and am trying to find Gene Haas to get more photos of his V35TC. Help Dan
Dan Pierson <>
Sadorus, Il USA - Sunday, January 31, 1999 at 13:31:31 (PST)
Absoutely great site. I visit it often. I am a flight instructor and do mainly advanced instruction and mostly in Beechcraft, my favorite machine. I've put 1,800 hours on my G35 and its ready for a new engine. Its been a great airplane. Have over 3,000 hours in Beechcraft. Jack R. Silva. CFII ATP etc, etc, etc.
Jack R. Silva <>
Huntington Beach, CA USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 08:12:43 (PST)
Nice page - looking forward to additions. I have a 63 Musketeer but it wants to be a Bonanza when it grows up.
Catl True <>
Chino, CA USA - Thursday, February 25, 1999 at 12:50:47 (PST)
Great Page!! We appreciate having a place to visit and find out what is going on with our beloved Bonanza. We fly a 1978 V35B "Plane Jane II". If anyone is in the Knoxville area on the weekends. Visit us at our new hangar at TN44.
Fred & Jane Herzner <>
Fairfield, Oh USA - Sunday, March 14, 1999 at 11:04:52 (PST)
interesting reading I have a 1950 B35 Bonanza looking for clevland brakes
ed hubman <>
stockton, ca USA - Sunday, April 11, 1999 at 11:13:24 (PDT)
Drill,Fill,Bill, and Save for my 1977V35 Bonanza! Any ideas or sugestions for how to prepare for research and eventual ownership. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions to aid in my search. Thanks!!!
Michael A. Charles D.D.S <>
Houston, Tx USA - Saturday, June 26, 1999 at 06:52:43 (PDT)
Great website! Very informative. I am very close to purchasing 1961 A-33. Would appreciate hearing from other Deb owners with any tips, etc. Thanks.
J.R. Smith <>
Phoenix, AZ USA - Thursday, July 01, 1999 at 06:31:31 (PDT)
Wow! What a great web site!
John Peruzzi <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 17:31:42 (PDT)
Looking for an opportunity to fly during my vacations in Napa Valley I found your home page accidentally.Great job! Happy landings! W.Koehler
Wolfgang Koehler <>
Kelkheim, Germany - Wednesday, July 21, 1999 at 11:57:39 (PDT)
Graduate Class 44K, 1 Feb, 1945, USAAF Pilot School, Stockton, CA. Have been active in aviation since 1941 and after owning a BT-13, C150, Part of C210 over the years I am now the proud owner of D3670, 1954 D Bonanza. Bought it from a friend 13 years ago. 'Tis my second wife and I love her beyond all comprehension. I am now 74 years old and just passed my physical again so my baby and I have at least two more years to be together. My favorite expression about flying my bird is :"Every time I fly over a golf coarse, I thank the good Lord those guys down there chasing the little white ball are not up here cluttering up my air space". Look forward to more of your page in the future. Dick
Richard L. Parker, Sr. <>
Ft. Wayne, IN USA - Tuesday, July 27, 1999 at 17:10:24 (PDT)
Any suggestions for a pre purchase inspector for a V35 in the Oklahoma area.
Brad Gosnell <>
Chicago, IL USA - Monday, August 09, 1999 at 21:50:30 (PDT)
Great Site. I've owned a D-35, E-35, K-35, and now a J-35. I started Western Bonanza now called World Beechcraft. The Bonanza is the best airplane flying today.
Nels Fransen ABS 61 <nbfwbs1 @aol com>
Stockton, CA USA - Thursday, August 26, 1999 at 21:46:30 (PDT)
no comment
Richard Leute <>
Los Altos, CA USA - Thursday, September 09, 1999 at 21:18:56 (PDT)
nice site with some funny comments ...keep up the good work mark
mark <>
glenburn, me USA - Monday, September 20, 1999 at 10:46:15 (PDT)
Is there a conversion available to convert a V Tail Bonanza to a Straight Tail?
Jim Stothard <>
Lady Lake, Fl. USA - Wednesday, September 22, 1999 at 19:48:16 (PDT)
steve tumlin <>
costa mesa, USA - Tuesday, October 05, 1999 at 18:08:24 (PDT)
I am so thrilled to find this web page. I am an A&P specializing in B200 King Airs, but want to someday restore/own a Bonanza
Bernard L. Grebe <>
Cheyenne, WY USA - Saturday, October 09, 1999 at 20:55:10 (PDT)
You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work.
Kerry Myers <>
Mill Valley, CA USA - Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 20:36:19 (PDT)
i recently logged on to your site, the next day i got an e-mail from some one at my airport who gave me a list of places to get manuals and parts. this is better than the yellow pages , we are restoring an A-36 i`m trying to find someone who wants to sell King radio package KX155 THANKS AGAIN FOR SUCH AN EXECELLENT WEB SITE
steve tumlin <>
costaq mesa, USA - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 22:48:49 (PDT)
My Plane: N1545S 1962 B-33 CD-522
Bill Prentice <>
Erie, CO USA - Saturday, October 30, 1999 at 19:30:51 (PDT)
Congratulations on a very informative bonanza webpage. My partner and I are looking for an older model (C35 to H35) and found some interesting information on your site. Unfortunately, I was not able to download the long-form inspection document. If possible, would appreciate it if someone would e-mail me the information. thanks, and keep up the good work.
r. schmidt <>
IL USA - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 15:34:29 (PST)
Hi Howard, Really enjoyed the webpage!. Would like to introduce ourselves....we are ARRELL AIRCRAFT SALES, INC., and we posess what we believe to be one of the largest surplus "ALL-BEECH" inventories, in the world (over 26,000 line items, mostly new, and specializing in Bonanza & Baron). Savings of up to 50% on genuine replacement parts are not uncommon. Just about ANYTHING on the airframe, outside of avionics, and "heavy" engine parts. We are proud to support the finest-built aircraft ever, and our goal is to keep these great birds flying, at an affordable cost. We do not require part numbers(have the catalogs,25 years of experience with parts support), and are always eager to help. The next time you need a part, give us a try, and feel free to mention us on your website, if you like. Best Regards, Rick Leatherwood, Pres., Arrell Aircraft Sales, Inc. 20540 Superior St., Unit E, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Phone: (818)727-9343 Fax: (818)727-9345 email: ""
Rick Leatherwood <>
Chatsworth, CA USA - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 18:26:49 (PST)
I'm a lowley BE-77 (Skipper) owner but I love my airplane. I've enjoyed and learned a lot from your website. Thank You
Fred Beams <>
Mission Viejo, CA USA - Sunday, November 07, 1999 at 20:01:52 (PST)
Great idea, but every time I tried to access the history or types pages all I got was the cover page. Hope you get this fixed, because this really looks like a good and worthwhile resource for Beechcraft owners and would-be owners. Best of luck!
Coleman Weidenbusch <>
Bellevue, NE USA - Wednesday, November 17, 1999 at 11:26:55 (PST)
1967, V-35, IO-520, the best single engine aircraft around..
larry mitchell <>
studio city, ca USA - Sunday, November 21, 1999 at 16:18:45 (PST)
Owner C-FTAC 1959 Travel Air S/N TD210
Thomas S. Duncan <>
Ninette, Mb. Canada - Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 20:52:36 (PST)
Owner C-FTAC 1959 Travel Air S/N TD210 Probably the lowest time Model 95 on the planet. Great Web Page, and ***THANKS***
Thomas S. Duncan <>
Ninette, Mb. Canada - Tuesday, November 23, 1999 at 20:59:52 (PST)
MESA, AZ USA - Friday, December 03, 1999 at 20:33:21 (PST)
Excellent Site. Do folks know about the Staggerwing/Twin Beech Museum in Tullahoma? It holds a lot of memorabilia of early Beechcraft development. Neat place to visit.
Fred Stellar <>
Tullahoma, TN USA - Saturday, December 04, 1999 at 10:52:28 (PST)
Great page keep it up. Also i am a buyer for a debonair that needs a lot of attention. Don't have alot of money but would love to own a debonair.
kent wallace <>
Charlotte, nc USA - Monday, December 06, 1999 at 07:34:16 (PST)
Enjoyed your web page. Have spent 33 years delivering new and used Beechcraft all over the world.
Steve Hall <>
Tampa , FL USA - Sunday, December 19, 1999 at 10:14:05 (PST)
Great Site! As an internet executive I outta know. :) Additionally, the info is great. I am looking for a V35 Bonanza and the information you all had available was helpful and informative. Hey, if you know someone with a V35 for sale send 'em my way. Regards, Chris Clem
Chris Clem <>
Flower Mound, TX USA - Monday, December 20, 1999 at 23:11:47 (PST)
Good site. I presently own one of the "Little Beeches", namely a 1978 Sierra C24R (N5106M). Hope to move up to the "big " Beeches one of these days. Like the site with all the information. Recommend a message center so it is easier to have a dialogue. Keep up the good work!
Chris Linderman <>
Salt Lake City, ut USA - Sunday, December 26, 1999 at 17:07:11 (PST)
Great site! Nice to fly a "Bonny"! I am the proud owner and pilot of ZS-LEY (a 1975 A36 - serial no. E674)in East London, RSA.
Stef Visser <>
East London, Eastern Cape Republic of South Africa - Thursday, January 06, 2000 at 05:20:03 (PST)
Do you have a chat group like AOL has? I have a G 35 and its a joy to fly. Nothing beats a little hangar flying.
Jim Devany <>
Joyce, WA USA - Sunday, January 09, 2000 at 14:00:33 (PST)
Have a look at my site: It is a crank-handle towbar specifically designed for the Bonanza.
Gary Wiblin <>
Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 10:41:29 (PST)
Thanks for the flutter reports from the NTSB
Sam Meeks <>
USA - Saturday, January 15, 2000 at 18:03:45 (PST)
Great!!! Yet another place for the support and information about our fantastic aircraft. Great job! N2191D '53 D35
Jon Alston <>
Dallas , Tx USA - Wednesday, February 16, 2000 at 17:08:00 (PST)
You have a great Web Site. I would like to work a Link trade with you. We are going to be Live this month. The site will be located at: it will be a few more days. We will be working up a page just for links this week. Please reply, and give me the URL you would like for us to use. Thanks,
Roger <>
Montgomery, AL USA - Thursday, February 17, 2000 at 22:45:20 (PST)
1951 BE35 N7MK Great Bonanza Page! I was Looking for something like this for a long Time, Thanks, Keep up this GREAT Page, I Love it!@
Andy Michalakopoulos <>
Chatsworth, ca USA - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 20:59:11 (PST)
does anyone have any experience with DBM ? after several months of telephone calls I have come to the conclusion that the lady answering the phone either does not know what a schedule is or cannot maintain one. This is the most unorganiwed company I have ever delt with. Does anyone have any other suggestions for windshield replacement??
USA - Tuesday, March 14, 2000 at 11:11:28 (PST)
Does anyone have any pictures of Christopher reeve flying his Bonanza? There seems to be almost a total absence of any info on his love of flying. Perhaps we can help...
Joe DuPont <>
Gillette, nj USA - Saturday, April 22, 2000 at 20:29:04 (PDT)
Have a 1951 c-35 bonanza just learning to fly this one.
Dale Porter <>
Palacios, Tx USA - Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 10:37:05 (PDT)
I just bought my first plane. 1954 E-35 Beech Bonanza N7354B. She has a 225 zero time engine and a new hydrolic prop (Chromed), awesome paint and interior, adding a s-tech and tips tanks (looking for a pair???) Narco stack, custom dash, 2" new gauges and stack on right. She is a beauty, I love her.
Craig Herrmann <>
Las Vegas, nv USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 22:58:43 (PDT)
special note check your fuel injectio IO 470 engine for the fuel return check valve which is installed if this check valve is missing or not installed your engine can quit runing I known of two aircraft engine which has quit on take off if yours is missing call me and i will help you tom littlefield 818-228-1215
thomas littlefield
Camarillo, ca USA - Thursday, May 18, 2000 at 19:58:37 (PDT)
Looking for help with maintenance on a 1954 E35 Bonanza with E-225-8 Continental Engine.
Carl A. Stutsman <>
Englewood, CO USA - Friday, June 16, 2000 at 18:28:08 (PDT)
Great web site. I am a long-time BE owner - P model, F33A, and currently A36. I am also a Commercial ASMEL Inst., and CFI-IA (SEL) specializing in high performance IMC/IFR flight. I noticed a lack of Bonanza instructor listings for the greater Chicago area - you now have one. Thanks, and keep up the great work
W.M. 'Bill' Pagett <>
Crystal Lake, Il USA - Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 05:52:12 (PDT)
Nice page. Have interest in all kind of Bonanza's. By the way, who can help. Looking for the owner of F33C N133DA or the place of base?
Doewe Pelleboer <>
Eelde, Netherlands - Saturday, June 24, 2000 at 10:27:01 (PDT)
Nice site. I have a 1960 Debbie that was featured in the Bonanza Society's newsletter some time ago in an article entitled, Debonair verses the Hurricane, about the hanger door being blown in by the hurricane, and my plane's nose cone holding back the force of 140 mph winds. What a plane.
Jim Hord <>
Panama City, Fl USA - Thursday, July 06, 2000 at 12:39:15 (PDT)
What a wonderful site! Own a 1982 V35B,N350YR First of the last year V-tails made, and a Beech showplane for it's 1st two years in existance. Put on 200hrs/yr since 1997, and love it dearly. Saw Article on Century by Tom Turner in ABS...Also have issues with Century 41..If anyone has suggestions for a problem with an intermittent autopilot on/off switch (switch not the problem) while annunciator working fine, I'd be grateful for any advise! Keep up the good work.
ken Silverman <>
Pelham, NH USA - Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 12:33:23 (PDT)
are you john and sharon ?
John Mcgee <>
USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2000 at 21:12:24 (PDT)
I bought my B35 in April of 2000. Serial is D2626. It only has 2590 hours total since new. I had never flown a Bonanza before buying one. I couldn't be happier. They are great, honest airplanes and a joy to fly. Great website
Mark E. Reynolds <>
Auburn, Wa USA - Thursday, July 27, 2000 at 00:48:45 (PDT)
Has anyone put 'M' tips on an early model Debonair?
Chris Corbet <>
Yuma, az USA - Saturday, August 12, 2000 at 11:39:15 (PDT)
I am in the process of buying a 1947 Mod 35 bonanza that needs rebuilding. All controll surfaces are corroded away. I was disappointed to fing that the links to the 337 documents are invallid.
Bruce Knutson <>
Scotts Mills, OR USA - Sunday, August 20, 2000 at 01:08:55 (PDT)
I am very interested in aviation, and found your site very informative
chris tyson <>
trevose, PA USA - Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 20:50:12 (PDT)
I am trying to spread the word that BDS is not the only game in town for engine conversions anymore. Gary Hammock of Hammock Aviation, Ennis TX. has gotten STCs for several engine/bonanza model combinations. I do not work for him,nor is he paying me to say this. I just want to let people know that BDS has competition. I will be happy to ans. any questions regarding this.
George P. Shanks <>
Waxahachie, TX USA - Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 13:59:15 (PDT)
I forgot to mention that this is a great web site. Thanks to those who put it on. I will spread the word to other Bonanza owners. (I really have a Debonair, but I call my self Bonanza on the radio, to avoid confusing ATC)
George P. Shanks <>
Waxahachie, TX USA - Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 14:06:42 (PDT)
Enjoyed your site, but was hoping to learn more about the different Bonanza models. I am mainly interested in single engine models. Can you point me in the right direction?
C T Thurman <>
Livermore, CA USA - Tuesday, September 05, 2000 at 00:09:57 (PDT)
Am considering purchasing a V-tail Bonanza. I thought any and all V tail problems were fixed: but read of "undetermined reason for flutter". What's the REAL story on V tails?
T. Rosenthal <>
Highlands Ranch, CO USA - Saturday, September 09, 2000 at 11:31:06 (PDT)
DEERFIELD BEACH, FL USA - Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 12:46:17 (PDT)
DEERFIELD BEACH, FL USA - Tuesday, September 12, 2000 at 13:11:11 (PDT)
Just read Mark Reynolds' comments on D2626... I have been flying B35 #D2440 since 1970 when I was living in Alaska. Mark, just WAIT till you have a couple thou hours under your seat in that bird! The designer, Harmon, himself told me a few years ago that HE considered the B to be the last of the good ones, all the subsequent are compromises, and an excuse to burn more fuel. Welcome aboard!!
Milt Ciarlariello <>
Auburn, CA USA - Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at 18:20:50 (PDT)
that's the most complete Bonanza web page I've seen yet! Terrific. I'm on my second Bonanza with my brother and Dad... we are a flying family! We currently own a nice '68 V-35 B N8448N in San Diego. Our Bonanza speaks Spanish pretty well!
Tom Davies < or>
Chula Vista, ca USA - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 16:54:52 (PDT)
that's the most complete Bonanza web page I've seen yet! Terrific. I'm on my second Bonanza with my brother and Dad... we are a flying family! We currently own a nice '68 V-35 B N8448N in San Diego. Our Bonanza speaks Spanish pretty well!
Tom Davies < or>
Chula Vista, ca USA - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 16:55:38 (PDT)
Love my Bonanza J35 I've owned since 1986. Based at Sears Private Airpark N.W. of Ft.Worth. Come see us! Web site is great.Thanks!
Jim and Dixie Sears <>
Paradise, TX USA - Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 19:35:59 (PDT)
tucson, az USA - Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 00:09:16 (PDT)
You are WELCOME to visit my webpage.
Odinn Thor
Reykjavik, ICELAND - Tuesday, October 17, 2000 at 18:57:37 (PDT)
Have a look at this fold-up crank-handle type towbar. It fits neatly into the baggage compartment and allows one person to maneuvre an aircraft into tight spots safely.
Gary Wiblin <>
Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Wednesday, October 18, 2000 at 22:25:14 (PDT)
I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at
Rudy Preus <>
Comox, BC Canada - Sunday, October 22, 2000 at 13:00:27 (PDT)
General aviation services at flying cloud in Mpls area rents: S35, A36, C55, B58, as well as B19 through B24R and Citabria 7ECA (952)944-2628
Steve Brown
MN USA - Friday, October 27, 2000 at 22:16:23 (PDT)
Great page guys! I'll visit often...
Jerome Pester <>
Eagle River, AK USA - Tuesday, November 07, 2000 at 10:36:36 (PST)
PHX, AZ USA - Sunday, November 12, 2000 at 19:14:06 (PST)
Bonza Bonanza page!! I have owned C33 VH-EOJ and flown V35A Mk11 VH-FWF, D35 VH-RHH, A36s VH-KEM & VH-FRW (when new) for the info of any other Aussie visitors. Regards from down under where we fly upside-down right way up!
Max Fenton <>
Forster, NSW Australia - Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 22:22:44 (PST)
Nice website. Great someone took this kind of interest. We (3) bought 4528S 75 V35B in July and are having a ball experiencing the Bonanza world. It was a nice step up from a 172. Will try to find some input.
Bill Dey <>
Lawrenceville, NJ USA - Saturday, December 16, 2000 at 14:29:12 (PST)
Grew up within 2 miles of Wichita plant. Many many memories. Enjoyed looking at your page.
Eugene Moser <>
Wichita, ks USA - Tuesday, January 16, 2001 at 22:08:48 (PST)
Good Site! I work for a flight school that has 18 BE-36 and 8 BE-58 aircraft equipped with the 6 gauge layout similar to Boeing AC. Raytheon even built a hanger here and maintain them with the 12phase inspections. We train Pilots for 2 Asian Airlines and 1 European. What great aircraft, versitile and forgiving, probably the best instruction job you could have!!!
C. Hutteball <>
Bakersfield, CA USA - Sunday, January 28, 2001 at 02:43:43 (PST)
Bonnanza F33A Thank You for a great web site! Love the page and love Bonnanzas! Thank You
Jay Janera <>
rancho dominguez, ca USA - Sunday, January 28, 2001 at 08:39:44 (PST)
Would like to know how to have my e-mail address added to the Bonanza List.
Ji m Potter <>
Denver, CO USA - Friday, February 09, 2001 at 23:53:53 (PST)
Hi Howard, Congrats on keeping the best Bonanza website I've seen, going strong!. I just realized that it's been over a year since I've checked in....(time does FLY!). We have moved Arrell Aircraft Sales to a new building, close to Camarillo, & Oxnard airports, here in Ventura County, California. The new facility is our largest yet, and we have added many more inventories of genuine Beech replacement parts, for all models. I believe we posess one of the largest "all-Beech" inventories in the world, and we are anxious to help out anyone with thier parts needs. Our new address is 701 Del Norte Blvd., Suite 220, Oxnard, CA 93030. Ph:(805)604-0439/Fax:(805)604-0429. e-mail: "". Best Regards, Rick Leatherwood, Pres.
Rick Leatherwood <>
Oxnard, CA USA - Wednesday, March 21, 2001 at 01:20:29 (PST)
own and fly 1965 Debonair, N619RP. Love it, have over 1300 hrs in this airplane alone. Nothing like a Beech. Based Watsonville, Ca.
paul reed <>
Ben Lomond, ca USA - Thursday, March 22, 2001 at 17:35:23 (PST)
There are some writing mistake
Santosh Kumar Guptta <>
KTM, Neepal - Tuesday, April 10, 2001 at 22:18:47 (PDT)
Some great info on your site about aerodynamics Thanx
Judy Mackenzie <>
Canada - Wednesday, April 18, 2001 at 12:26:05 (PDT)
Great site with great links. I own D35 SN D-3538 based at RBD. I LOVE MY PLANE!!
Jon Alston <>
Dallas, Tx USA - Saturday, June 16, 2001 at 09:40:12 (PDT)
Great website. sadly, I couldnt download the STCs. The URL refused to be found. Anyting wrong? Thanks.
Bill Hopkins <>
Campbell, CA USA - Monday, July 02, 2001 at 11:34:37 (PDT)
Warning! I feel compelled to say to anyone who owns or is considering ownership of a V-Tail to look at accident statistics before going in this plane. My father died in this plane and the FAA took over 2 years to provide us with an accident report that said virtually nothing. He was called one of the best pilots by his peers, and his tail came off just after takeoff on a refueling stop on a clear day in July, 1967. Beech used "pilot error" in defending these "accidents". My fathers error was in purchasing the plane in the first place. Subsequent research over the years has only reinforced my belief that this is not a safe aircraft. I still enjoy flying in small planes, but I won't step foot in one of these! Respectfully yours,
Paul McCarthy <>
Pittsford, NY USA - Monday, July 09, 2001 at 11:51:09 (PDT)
Tried to access USAF QU-22B A Beechcraft Bonanza goes to war but site would not respond and received error message. Is there a problem? I have pictures of QU-22B USAF 97694 and 97695 in formation flight and USAF 10531 (original Pave Eagle 1 aircraft) at Beech Aircraft. If any interest please contact me.
Jay Ostler <>
USA - Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 18:49:46 (PDT)
Hi, Greetings from Finland.
Jari Peltonen
Tampere, FINLAND - Monday, August 13, 2001 at 02:34:10 (PDT)
I stumbled on to this wed-site after remembering the good times my dad and I had in his Bonanza. I think it was a 1959 model (not sure. (N5128C) He passed away several years ago; before I was able to get my "Basic" I never completed it. He had an instructors rating. I never pursued it after he was gone. I do have fond memories of flying in that beautiful aircraft. I fly R/C now and have been for about 15 years. I guess that’s about as close as I'll get to repeating what my dad and I did. I have a very close heart felt commitment to all that own bonanzas. I hope someday I will be able to see the plane we had. I have not been up in one since. I see them occasionally at airports. I sometime feel I should go up and ask about going back up in one, but never had the guts to do this. I do want to thank all the people whom enjoy this fine aircraft. I feel privileged to have been able to enjoy the times and the vacations we took in this wonderful piece of aviation history. If anyone knows the where abouts of C5128C Please let me know. I just want to see this plane one more time. I have no pictures of it, just memories. I have a R/C model I have yet to build of a v-tailed beechcraft. It will be a replica of the plane my dad and I shared. Dave
Dave Vinyard <>
Lawrence, KS USA - Thursday, August 30, 2001 at 20:14:27 (PDT)
b-36-tc n3070t ser# ea462
David McRoberts <>
Boulder, CO USA - Saturday, September 08, 2001 at 18:50:16 (PDT)
A nice page with a lot of info
Jack Wolbrink <>
Emmen, Netherlands - Sunday, September 09, 2001 at 04:39:32 (PDT)
God Bless America!
Barry Jacobs <>
San Rafael, CA USA - Saturday, September 15, 2001 at 22:43:16 (PDT)
Part of a personal research into the civil airport in Aden, where 1952/3, a regular Bonanza arrival from Perim Island, was a feature. The pilot was a german, name escapes me I'm afraid. Could trace no reference through your pages unfortunately. I am impressed by the site, however. I simply had not realised just how significant this aircraft is in the USA.
cliff weller <>
UK - Wednesday, October 03, 2001 at 12:39:15 (PDT)
Lots of good info. I'll be trying out your advice on the $100 Hamburger Page.
David Evans
Cincinnati, OH USA - Monday, January 14, 2002 at 09:37:39 (PST)
I'm trying to locate a former colleague and friend with whom I've lost touch; Harvey Kriegsman who use to sell systems for Nordson Corp. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Don
Don Diedrick <>
Amherst, OH USA - Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 08:48:29 (PDT)
Great formate! Nice to see so many fellow Beech owners. I look forward to sharing my stories of my 1951 C35 N687D with you all.
Mark Dean <>
Fresno, CA USA - Tuesday, May 21, 2002 at 14:57:44 (PDT)
What a great page! I am looking to buy a Bonanza and I am trying to learn as much as possible about them before I make a purchase. This page seems to be just the thing I need.
Jonathan Blackburn <>
Aguanga, CA USA - Friday, May 24, 2002 at 12:05:27 (PDT)
Super Page! Sez Frank "Dolly Parton" Haile owner (for 26 years) of N4FH "The Bionic Bonanza" a V35.5B with 18 hours range(no reserve).Write if you get work, guys.
Frank Haile <>
Dallas, TX USA - Friday, May 24, 2002 at 19:47:23 (PDT)
Great site. Fly a '75 A36. Love that airplane! Tim.
W. Tim Miller <>
Sandy, UT USA - Thursday, June 06, 2002 at 11:33:24 (PDT)
I like your site
Jack <>
roseland, ne USA - Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 17:38:28 (PDT)
I'm pleased with the page. I would like to contact you in order to require some technical information about a Twin Commander 690B.
Jorge Cornejo <>
USA - Monday, September 09, 2002 at 07:34:17 (PDT)
How about adding the Beech Sundowner to your Web to is a great Beech product! Dave
Dave Marascio <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 07:37:52 (PDT)
just joing the A.B.S. is not enough. i was looking for parts for a '51 B model and just fell upon your site. i'm sorry i didn't know your site exsisted before now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK i'll be telling all my friends in KICT about you
j.p.huber <>
wichita, ks USA - Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 10:51:07 (PDT)
I am looking for Info about mods for my 1947 Bonanza seats. I am wanting to upgrade to adjustable seats for the front. I still have the old steel carry-thru center section
Michael Allman <>
Knoxville, tn USA - Wednesday, October 23, 2002 at 06:32:39 (PDT)
I can attest to the strength of the Beech design. I have repaired several. If you are in need of any maintenance or modifications, please look us up.
Andy Bock <>
Wichita, KS USA - Friday, October 25, 2002 at 04:42:12 (PDT)
Hey Great Site !!!under interesting links, Bet you dont know what a Bonanza Super V is. Bet i do, i own the lil pistol. Been teaching in all models of Bonanza s since 1981 and still living to tell about it. Anyone need a hand send me a e-mail i split my time in Minne @ New Mex, not a member yet but will be once i get home. Great stuff while on a layover on the other side of the world. Loudest Regards ,Rick Panozzo...
Rick Panozzo <>
Los Lunas, NM USA - Saturday, November 02, 2002 at 16:37:39 (PST)
I am restoring a C-Model and have already made good use of the site after discovering it yesterday. Anyone have an interior from a K or M-Model? Thanks.
Tom Tibble <>
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 13:11:14 (PST)
I am restoring a C-Model and need an interior from a K or M-Model. Great resource.
Tom Tibble <>
Kalamazoo, Michigan USA - Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 13:13:02 (PST)
Nice Pages...I have much info. from the Midwest Group in the '70es. from when my Dad and I owned N222TT. Would you like ? I'm a former Ozark/TWA Captain and not flying any longer due illness/retirement. Do you have any records on a John or Bonnie Frank a long ago President of the ABS ?
Thomas Brickey <>
Port Richey, FL USA - Saturday, December 07, 2002 at 11:01:30 (PST)
This is great, found this about 2 weeks ago.Made several contacts ,found parts Ive been looking for, for a long time I fly a B35 out of a small dirt strip[drought]here in Montana
Loyd Allison <>
MOLT, MT USA - Friday, December 27, 2002 at 20:04:20 (PST)
Parting out Bonanza J35
Joe <>
Newport Beach, CA USA - Thursday, January 09, 2003 at 17:15:59 (PST)
great site, thanks for keeping it up. I just read the 3 page tutorial on lubing the pitch change bearing of the beech prop. nicely written, and based on my watching of the procedure being done several times on my G's prop by experienced beech prop shops, it appears to me exactly right. By the way, when i was living in s. california, i had fine work done by a prop shop in Hemet, CA that has deep experience with the excellent beech prop, and are straight shooters. Aero Propeller, Paul Burrows owner, 909 765-3178. They have quite a good store of spares, too.
lawrence sciortino <>
seattle, wa USA - Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 18:09:54 (PST)
Just recently moved my G35 to the Seattle are. Would like to know names of recommended mechanics with early model Bonanza experience. Thanks
lawrence sciortino <>
seattle, wa USA - Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 19:53:58 (PST)
Excellent site...I'm impressed. Lots of knowlege and information. Makes me want to run out and buy a Bonanza!!!!!
Ron Jenkins <>
Van Nuys, CA USA - Friday, January 17, 2003 at 14:21:23 (PST)
Parting Out: Bonanza J-35
web site <>
Newport Beach, CA USA - Thursday, January 23, 2003 at 18:45:49 (PST)
How about numbering the swap pages. Hard going back to find an item you're interested in without scrolling through the whole list otherwise. This Bonanza site is a good deal. Spent too much time on it already.It's going to be put to good use. Thanks.
Bruce Drangle <>
USA - Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 14:44:39 (PST)
Have owned CD-826, a 65 Deb for more than 11 years. Am 20 hrs from TBO on a IO-470-K and it is going strong: I have put every hour on it since overhaul. Does anyone have any advice about the 470-N conversion? Email me. I love this airplane and it flies like a dream.
Paul Reed <>
Ben Lomond, Ca USA - Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 15:33:01 (PST)
Nice T-34 page, hope someday to see your air show (LL's) at Travis,Edwards or Reno. Thank you Have a good one
Vaughn Temple <>
El Cerrito, CA USA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 13:45:34 (PST)
Really well done, easy to use, quality info, website. Check your link to the J35 HTML list:
Karen Wofford <>
Santa Rosa, CA USA - Wednesday, April 02, 2003 at 20:40:22 (PST)
Great site...would really appreciate some detailed information on your categories, "Bonanza History", and "Bonanza Types". Thanks, Rick Hendon
Rick Hendon <>
Lake Oswego, OR USA - Saturday, April 05, 2003 at 09:59:33 (PST)
I am a corporate pilot flying Falcons now. I was brought up in a hanger and have had my A&P for years. I have a good friend who ownes a 1976 F33A. I am going to start a completre overhaul of this aircraft from the interior out. I tried to open your 100 hr. / Annual inspection word format and could not get to the web site. Could you email it to me. I am looking forward to this project and already reading on your webb site to look at some important area's. Thanks for that! TLM
Thomas L. Mitchell <>
Arlington, TX USA - Monday, April 07, 2003 at 18:21:29 (PDT)
Just bought a 1959 travelair, it is need of paint and I would like to paint it in the original paint design. If any one would have pics or the 1959 model year brochure I would surely appreciate seeing them. thanks Jim Pappas
Jim Pappas <>
Iowa park, Tx USA - Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 20:54:09 (PDT)
Beech 35, s/n D520, N3101V. I'm looking for info on the skin thickness AD, like limits, what to do if limits exceeded, etc.
Bill Wallace <>
Brunswick, Ga USA - Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 12:43:35 (PDT)
I am honored to drop a line here and say thank you for keeping this great site online.
tiffany <>
clearwater, fl USA - Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 15:10:35 (PDT)
Keep up the good work!
gail <>
hamilton, oh USA - Saturday, May 03, 2003 at 12:25:49 (PDT)
THANK YOU very much for the Interav troubleshooting guide and the voltage troubleshooting table! I'm very appreciative that somebody went to that effort! (My C180 Interav alternator broke a belt, but now there is an electrical problem which has me scratching my head. The guide will be a big help.)
Tom Jensen <>
Auburn, WA USA - Sunday, May 04, 2003 at 16:05:08 (PDT)
It's my first visit at your homepage. Your website is great and very usefull. I'm bookmarked it. Keep up the good resources.
connie <>
erie, pa USA - Tuesday, May 06, 2003 at 18:54:26 (PDT)
Your site is great. I just happened to have a moment to surf the net and came across it.
mary <>
appleton, wi USA - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 04:29:30 (PDT)
We sure loved your site, best of luck and good job!!!!
lucy <>
emporia, ks USA - Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 15:23:45 (PDT)
Just surfing. A wise man will always change his mind . . a fool never will
hilda <>
passadena, ca USA - Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 01:09:06 (PDT)
Hi there! nice page! greetings from vienna tom
percy <>
albany, ga USA - Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 09:55:51 (PDT)
Thank you for maintaining such a great site. God bless you!
kathy <>
albany, ny USA - Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 00:21:27 (PDT)
Informative pages - something like this does not yet exist in europe I guess. Maybe I will start a project like that in the future. Hope you might assist...
Klingelt”ne Mary J. Weber <>
Hamburg, Germany-North Belge - Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 17:27:50 (PDT)
Informative pages - something like this does not yet exist in europe I guess. Maybe I will start a project like that in the future. Hope you might assist...
Klingeltöne <>
Hamburg, Belge Germany - Monday, May 26, 2003 at 15:54:43 (PDT)
Great site! Keep it running! John.
us grants <>
New York, NY USA