This is my 1953 V-tail. It's my first airplane and I waited until I could own a plane to be proud of. In my mind, owning a vintage V-tail is like owning a "63' vette".

This picture was taken the day I got it home to Dekalb, IL (DKB). My instructor (working on my instrument rating) and I flew it home from Eugene, OR to Dekalb, IL in 13hrs, with 3 legs. It has a full IFR panel. What a beautiful flight it was through the Rockies.

I just replaced all 6 cylinders (E-225 new cylinders, not reworked) and I still have the prop AD to deal with by September. That should pretty well exhaust my funds for this year. I hope to have a new interior and a new paint job for next year. For now it's just a pleasure to fly and fortunately I get to fly for business (incidental to) as well as pleasure. I plan to join Airlifeline this year and see if I can't give back some of the good fortune that's been bestowed on me.

Steve Opfer
Genoa, IL

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