I am certainly a big fan of your website and Bonanzas. The '59 K model N517JL was my dad's plane back when I was a kid (I'm now a senior in college). Well, I'll never forget how we used to go flying on Saturdays and he would let me get some Bonanza time! Well, we unfortunately sold this refurbished cream-puff classic in late '89. Ten years later, after 10's of radio controlled aircraft, I finally got both my private and instrument rating! Sure enough, my dad got back into flying and recently got this 79 A-36 that's pretty decked out with twin Garmin 430s, Gami's, CD player, Strike-finder, etc. Paint, interior, and maybe and IO-550 are next! In fact, my brother, a dental student just got his private also! Just wanted to let you know how much Bonanzas have been a part of my family. Well, keep up the great site. Thanks, Mike

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