"Debbie" is a 1967 Debonair, serial number CE173. One of the last straight tails made with the Debonair name. She has 2750 air frame hours and 250 on a Continental 520 reman with a new Black Max, three blade prop. My partner, Dennis Boyet, and I purchased Debbie in 1991. Three years later, a cracked case decided for us it was time to get a new engine. She came with King avionics and we have added a Magellan SkyNav 5000, Strike Finder JPI Engine Monitor, wing tip strobes and panel mounted intercom. We would like to update the state-of-the-art 1967 Brittan Auto Pilot some time soon (actually it work ok). You may have seen Dennis, daughter and Debbie (and ocassionally me) at Oshkosh. They have participated in Bonanza's to Oshkosh for the last three years.

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