We bought Debonair N7DU (CD-905) in June, 1998, with about 3000 hours TT on the airframe and about 200 hours to go until TBO on the 225 HP motor. I was smitten from the first look I had of her in the ad that the previous owner posted on ASO (http://www.ASO.com), and within a 3 days drove up to El Monte airport (EMT) in the LA area to kick the tires. Within a week we put money on the barrelhead, and about three weeks later flew her to her new home at Montgomery Field (MYF) in San Diego.

From the start I've been able to count on 150KIAS at cruise at around 13 GPH, and with the recent replacement of the 2-blade prop with a 3-blade McCauley Black Mac, she climbs like a goosed ape, too! The airplane is a dream to fly, and every landing is an ego-booster. N7DU is in annual at the time of this writing and I'm happy to say that everything is in the green. Though 130 hours from TBO, the IO-470 has compression between 70 and 75 lbs/sq-in in all cylinders, and it has not had a top-end overhaul! We're adding a oil filter conversion from FM Enterprises (http://www.fm-enterprises.com/) and ought to be able to fly "on condition" after TBO for a while. There is a lot to be said about the reliability and trouble-free operation of the IO-470.

Right now N7DU makes periodic trips to Arizona for business, and lots of pleasure flights in between.

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