I just bought a '69 V35A from Florida. Flew it in one day out to Las Vegas from Jacksonville in about 11.5 hours (no tail wind). I have been giving seaplane ratings out here in my '78 Lake Amphibian, but also wanted something faster than 100 kts to get around. The Lake is a blast, but slow. After along search, I found this '69 with everything I wanted on it. It has a Magellan GPS, S-Tec 50 autopilot (which I love), dual Narcos, dual controls, JPI engine monitor, HSI, electric trim and stormscope. It really is a great cross country aircraft, doing about 171 KTAS on 15 GPH. The three blade prop really helps the climb and is quiet and smooth. I current am doing a leaseback through West Air Aviation here in Las Vegas, as well as Bonanza recurrency/checkouts. It goes for $110 wet.


Clyde Beattie

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